5G-Capable iPhones Set for a 2022 Deadline

Apple has set an internal deadline of 2022 for developing and integrating its in-house 5G modems for iPads and iPhones.

Fast company reports that Apple intends to complete certification, testing and development in order to have the modems integrated into the new iPhones set to be released for that same year.

The challenge lies in the fact that certification and testing for the fabrication and design of the 5G modem chip in a two-year span will prove to be difficult. Network optimization, particularly making sure the modem won’t conflict with other wireless networks will be the main issue in the testing phase, in addition to ensuring global standard compliance and meeting FCC requirements.

In June, Apple acquired the smartphone modem business of Intel to try and bolster its in-house 5G modem production. Regardless of timeline, Apple’s transition in the 5G aspect is expected to happen in phases, with older and lower-end models getting the technology first.

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