6 Brands Crushing It with Instagram Stories


  • 6 Brands Crushing It with Instagram Stories

You know what I like more than just about anything in the whole wide world? Seeing profitable social media. It’s right up there with running in the rain, drinking a cold beer after yard work, and sleeping in on a Sunday. Profitable social media is the stuff of life. It smells like freshly mowed grass and tastes like fine champagne.

Through organic social media efforts, brands can’t make a profit unless they are building the trust and respect of their audiences. I love seeing profitable social because that means both the brand and the customers win. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

Recently, many brands have been knocking it out of the park on social, namely with Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories create an interesting dynamic for brands because, from the outside, no one can numerically judge the success of their efforts—there is no view count or like count. That said, there is no denying that the following six brands are winning in their Instagram Stories.

Brands can’t make a profit without building the trust and respect of their audiences. Click To Tweet

1. Converse

Have you noticed how hard Converse works to be “alternative,” especially lately? Unabashed effort goes into missing the mark on “cool” and falling into whiskey tango foxtrot—thus, they are earning the respect of many youths, as is customary for Converse.


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