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Effective marketing is absolutely essential for a business to succeed. Without it, a large portion of your target market may not even know that your products or services exist. This is especially true for small businesses. That said, there’s no denying the fact that marketing is an expensive process.

With the rise of online advertising, especially in social media, businesses are spending more and more of their funds on marketing. Campaign budgets tend to take around 10% of a company’s total revenue, which is a significant portion when you come to think of it.

This is where marketing software comes in to save the day. By utilizing the power of modern technology, you can save a huge amount of time and money on your campaigns. Marketing intelligence, advanced workflow automation, and marketing automation software have become extremely effective as technology has evolved.

In this post, we’ll look at the very best pieces of marketing software that you can utilize today, allowing you to spend more resources on growing your business.


sendin blue

SendinBlue’s software falls under the marketing automation category. This software provides a vast suite of services under one roof. This includes newsletter creation, digital campaign optimization, multichannel marketing, a landing page builder and a whole lot more.

A noteworthy feature that’s highly beneficial for your business is the lead scoring service. A lead is a potential customer whose level of interest in your business is not yet known. By automatically determining a lead’s interest, your business can save a lot of time and money on analytics and reduce the number of lost sales.

HubSpot Marketing

This software provides an effective all-in-one suite for your digital marketing campaigns. One of the best features is the website builder, which allows you to utilize custom templates to create effective landing pages and dynamic elements that increase your conversions.

There are also a number of SEO services that help you bring your website further up in the rankings and build your social media following. A free plan is available for those looking to try out the software. More feature-rich paid plans are also available and are reasonably priced.


If you’ve ever wanted to know something about SEO, chances are you’ve come across one of the expertly crafted informational articles that Moz has posted on their website. This company knows everything there is to know about SEO and maintains a cutting-edge knowledgebase of recent trends in search engine optimization.

It should come as no surprise that their SEO tools are just as great as their articles. Everything from keyword generation and site auditing to effective link analysis can be done through their software. Moz will perform a weekly analysis of your website and notify you when a recommendation can be made on how you can improve your strategy.


While not as well-known as the above-mentioned services, Pardot is still a solid piece of lead management and marketing automation software. You can set up and manage your entire marketing campaign from the software, allowing you to work with everything from your landing pages to email marketing.

Web traffic analytics come as standard, letting you in on everything you need to know about your potential customers. You can then use analytics to produce reports, calculate your marketing budget and the potential ROI, improve your sales pipeline and generate better leads.


Here’s something a little more unique. WeatherAds fittingly analyzes the actual seasons and global weather and customizes your online advertisements based on what’s going on up in the sky. While quite a niche service in nature, this can prove to be highly useful for businesses that offer certain types of products or services.

Basically, everything is done automatically based on your selected parameters, saving you much needed time. For example, your advertising bids will automatically be adjusted based on the current weather. It’s no all-in-one solution, but if it’s relevant to your business, it’s definitely worth a try.


If you’re not exactly the type of person with an eye for design and don’t want to break the bank by hiring an actual designer for your business’s digital presence, Mypixel is here to save the day. This software will enhance your conversions by providing custom advertisements in the form of videos and banners.

It utilizes machine learning techniques to automatically build a campaign that’s suitable for your business. The insights feature will give you a statistical analysis providing everything you need to know about your marketing strategy and its effectiveness.

You don’t need to try out any more than just one of these tools to see your business reap the benefits of marketing software. These services can replace the costs that come with running an entire marketing department and require little more than a computer with an internet connection to be utilized. So, head out and find the best software for your business today.

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