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A lead generation stands for the initiation of buyer interest or buyers enquiring into products or services. Currently, 61% of marketers say lead generation is their number one challenge, and 53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on it.

Why? Because lead generation is essentially the bread and butter of any business. The more leads, the more sales – it’s a no brainer. Still, like 61% of marketers say, it is a challenge.

Below, we will explore 8 lead generation strategies that work.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is a great service to utilise for generating organic leads. Blogger outreach is a type of link building service that naturally builds your brand’s backlink profile, a term used to describe all the links to your website from natural and external sources. The more natural and relevant links you have, the more visible your website will be in search engine page results.

It’s simple logic – if you want to generate more leads, people need to find your website, and link building is an excellent way of doing that. Blogger outreach isn’t the only way of link building. Consider these link building plans to create a sort of holistic approach, if you will, to your link building campaign. Link building companies will work with you to help construct the best campaign.

Enhanced User Experiences

After the recent Google algorithm update, marketers need to put more of a focus on user experiences, in particular, page responsiveness. Users should be able to move seamlessly through your website without encountering delays, crashes, or errors.

The first place to start is with a good website design. A professional web developer should be able to produce a near faultless website with interactive features, consistent content and themes, and menus.

Another tip, ensure every page has a call to action. There’s a better user experience if consumers have something guiding them through your website, and a call to action does that. That might be a link, a form, or a button.

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Optimise For Mobile Traffic

A study by Outerbox Design concluded that in the last six months, 79% of people purchased a product or service through an online store using their mobile phones. It’s a number that will continue to be on the rise a long while into the future because mobile phones are such an integral part of peoples lives now.

There’s a small portion of the population who don’t use their mobile phones often. So small that the average adult spends 3.45 hours a day on their mobile phone.

That’s why it’s so important to optimise a website for mobile use. More people would prefer to open a new tab on their phones than find another device. Test the website on a mobile yourself to ensure it works as you would want it to.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest lead generation tactics in the book, and it works. Email marketing is what it says – you use emails to sell your brand. In 2018, the average ROI for email marketing was 42:1, although that figure is likely to have increased since then. It’s a highly effective, minimal investment marketing opportunity that works so well when it’s done right.

You can use email marketing to send out targeted ads, newsletters, follow-up emails, and so much more. A good email marketing campaign is eye-catching, full of valuable content, and straight to the point. Graphics work really well for email marketing alongside short and snappy content. Of course, with a call to action.

Video Content

Video content is so much more valuable than it used to be, but that’s probably because of the rise of adverts on platforms such as YouTube. YouTube made it so that their users have to watch a short ad, but that opened the window to video ads and their possibilities. For a relatively small fee, a brand can use YouTube to advertise their video advert to millions.

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The only downside is that people are usually in a rush to press the skip ad button, but it is a valuable marketing method. However, there are other platforms where video marketing works well, such as Instagram.

Although, it is essential to consider the target audience and how best to attract their attention through a video. There’s plenty of information online about creating engaging, lead generating video content.

Use Chatbot Conversations

Chatbox conversations are a great way of generating leads. They’re a way of consumers instantly accessing help and advice, cutting short their chance to turn to another brand if they have to wait for an email response, for example. Statistics show that the number one reason people use a chatbot is to get a quick response.

Chatbot conversations are a simple add-on feature to any website that a web developer can install. There’s the option to have someone typing the other end, which does have obvious cost implications, or there’s the option to have a chatbot with auto-generated messages. For more personal and successful chatbot service, having an employee typing at the other end is probably the best option for pleasing consumers.

Interestingly, chatbots generate a 30-45% increase in response rates, and that’s better than emails and calls!

Lead generation is only a challenge because there’s a constant battle between your brand and the competition. Being consistent, unique, and eye-catching are the fundamentals behind any lead generation technique. There are more than the ones listed above – research to see which you think would be the best for your brand.

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