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The online marketplace has become very competitive today. No wonder some business owners are throwing in the towel. But that doesn’t have to be you. Search engine marketing (SEM) can turn your business around and grow it to a higher level if you know how to do it well.

Here we give you 6 SEM tips that will help to promote your products or services in such a powerful way that you will be amazed at how your business grows.

Optimize your website for mobile and desktop users

SEM targets to increase the online visibility of your website. When your site ranks higher in search engines, you get more traffic. This gives you an opportunity to deliver your ads or promotional information to your online target audience – where they are and in real time. That is why your website should be as user-friendly as possible.

Compared to desktop users, the number of people who use mobile and tablets to access the internet has risen steadily over the years. In response, Google introduced a mobile-first index to rate how effectively mobile users can access content on a website.   The aim is to have content that is visible to both desktop and mobile users; and give both users should the same experience.

To provide great online experience, especially to mobile users, minimize the use of pop-ups. They are distracting and an eyesore to anyone visiting your site.  You don’t want to lose traffic because of unnecessary pop-ups.

Enhance your rankings with relevant and topical links

Google search engines will rate your site higher if you have more backlinks. Therefore you need to use approaches that will increase your backlinks.

Focus more on building natural links. Your tribe of followers is the surest way of links to your site. You can easily achieve this if you specialize in your niche and become an authority, where many people become aware of your barand. 

In addition you can top up your links by adding internal links to new posts from old ones that did well.

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Create high-quality content and promote it vigorously

Nothing will attract people to your website or blog like quality content. Make sure that you always have quality content that is relevant and effective. It is better to take your time and produce one post in a month that will get social shares, comments and likes rather than producing 10 posts that no one cares about.

Users will consider your content to be relevant if it answers to their needs. So try to find out what your users search for. Essentially, strive to provide what your users need in a timely manner. In fact, if you can present it in a sexier way, it will be a lot better for them.

High-quality content gives you several advantages. One, your content is your sales pitch, and once you post it, it is available 24/7/365 without any further effort from you.

Secondly, the Google AdWords’ Quality Score is a crucial metric you must focus on. Why? Google will place your ad at a higher position and charge you less if it is relevant to user searches. 

Select your main keywords wisely. Current trends give a lot of importance to long tail variations of the keywords and related keywords. All these will help to make your site to rank higher.

In addition, the length of your quality post has an advantage with search engines. Recent research shows that the top 10 posts that appear in Google searches have an average of more than 2000 words, while the top three have 2500 words and above. So try to cover your subject matter exhaustively so that you can attain that word range.

Finally, now that you have your quality content, what should you do? Certainly, it will do you no good if no one is aware of it. So promote it. Share it with other people in your industry. People who can benefit from it. Share it through the various media platforms available where your target clients hang out. 

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Have an integrated marketing campaign

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You need strategies to combine search engine optimization marketing with others such as content marketing, retargeting and paid amplification.

Do you want to get hordes of prequalified leads within hours? If your answer is yes, then you need to have an effective Pay per Click campaign.

Look at what your competitors are doing

It pays dividends to observe what your better ranking competitors are doing which is different from what you do.

Are they using multimedia approach for their content? Have they structured their content in a manner that it is shareable? Do they use infographics, videos, maps and slide presentations? What is the quality of their images?

It’s time to put your act together and copy a thing or two. But make your content better than theirs.

Track your SEM strategy

Monitor closely to see if your search engine marketing strategy is yielding the desired results or not. This will help you to decide on whether to improve on the strategy or change it all together.

Track the metrics that are most relevant to SEO. These include the analysis of backlinks, track rankings, and keyword research. If you find bad and broken links getting to your site, repair or remove them. They have a negative influence on your rankings.

This looks like a ton of work. And indeed it is. If you are not tech savvy, look for professional search engine service providers to handle that end of your business.   

You can power your search engine success with Unofficial, which can easily rank as the best search engine marketing company in the US. At Unofficial, your search engine marketing success is our success. It really doesn’t matter to us if you are a seasoned SEM professional or a newbie to paid SEM. We shall give you everything you need to propel your business to great heights.

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