6 Tips to Be a Blogging Opportunist

After circling the globe for the past 6 years I have seen ample wildlife in exotic locales like Thailand, Costa Rica, Fiji and Bali.

These animals are literally programmed to seize opportunities.

No hesitating, no waiting or delaying.

Whether seeing army ants butcher scorpions, centipedes, locusts and wasps in Costa Rica or watching toads, scorpions, and cockroaches eat winged termites in Thailand, these animals literally seize opportunities or starve to death.

This is a video I filmed of the winged termite feeding frenzy in Thailand:

Building a successful blog requires you to gobble up opportunities quickly, as a habit.

If you seize and capitalize on opportunities you can become a successful, prospering blogger.

Follow these 6 tips to be a blogging opportunist.

1: Check Your Email Twice Daily

Monitor your email at least twice daily.

No need to be heavily attached but make sure to act in a professional, responsive fashion, to gobble up opportunities for round ups, guest posts, interviews, features, or to speak to potential clients and customers in a timely manner.

2: Check Your Social Media Sites Twice Daily

Check your social media at least twice daily.

Once in the morning and once in the evening.

Be on the ball.

Seize opportunities as they arise.

Treat your blog like a business.

3: Submit 1 Guest Post Weekly

Write and submit at least 1 guest post weekly to a respected blog from your niche.

If you don’t feel confident enough to do this write 1000 words daily in a Word document for practice. Trash the Word document after you hit your daily word count. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing to submit guest posts to top blogs in your niche.

I submit at least 2-5 guest posts daily. But I started with 1 guest post submission weekly before I built my energetic momentum (See tip #4).

When readers see your guest posts slowly popping up in your niche, new readers, subscribers, clients, customers and other opportunities with flow your way.

4: Work Diligently on Your Energy

I spend 20 minutes meditating and 20 minutes doing yoga every morning.

I also jump into an icy cold shower for 30 minutes.

Following this morning energy ritual helped root out many deep fears and also inspired me to vibe higher, helping me see over obstacles so I could find and seize opportunities.

Example; years ago, I’d likely have turned down the opportunity to guest post here because I’d have told myself I was a crap writer or that people would hate my guest posts. But since I worked on my energy, I seized the opportunity immediately because I saw a chance to help bloggers and yes, to grow my blogging readership too.

Work on your energy daily. Dissolve fear-based, opportunity allergies. Do things from a fun, loving, opportunity-finding and opportunity-seizing energy.

5: Learn from the Pros

Pro bloggers are usually the ultimate opportunists.

Pat Flynn is an online icon who seizes and uses ample opportunities to learn through experimentation.

He tests by trial and error and reports his results to you.

Sounds like an opportunist to me.

Top pro bloggers, podcasters and marketers seize and use opportunities like they breathe. These individuals have a type of fearlessness developed through years of trial and error, effectively dissolving the fear of failure in their being.

Surround yourself with these types of energetic dynamos. Allow their opportunistic nature to rub off on you.

6: Build Your Friend Network

Build your blogging friend network by promoting other bloggers.

My friends bring me countless opportunities. Opportunities I’d not have been aware of if I didn’t have these awesome friends.

I cannot remember who referred me to the group, but I was invited into the travel blogging tribe We Travel We Blog run by travel blogging superstar Meg Jerrard of Mapping Megan.

Zac Johnson invited me to guest post here.

I have been invited to regular guest posting gigs on a series of top blogs all because I promoted other bloggers, made friends and these generous buddies brought opportunities to me.

Your Turn

How are you being a blogging opportunist?

What tips can you add to this list?

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