6 Ways to Improve Your Marketing with a CRM Marketing Strategy

You can do 99.99% of blogging right.

Virtually no blogging mistakes.

Save 0.01% of the time.

But your blogging business dies if you find your emails landing in spam.

I found a spam email today. Sometimes I scan my junk mail for examples; teaching purposes.

Check out this screenshare video as I delve into a spam email I broke down today.

I began receiving email from this individual months ago. Over a year, possibly.

I politely emailed the individual asking to be removed from their list since I never signed up for any email lists.

No response.

After begin spammed again I simply blocked the individual, sending all future emails of his to spam. Nothing personal. I just never signed up for the emails.

On scanning the email, the individual seems to be on the up and up, largely. Reputable looking name. Ditto for their Skype handle. I have no doubts the person offers legit forex advice. But even if the individual does the right, smart thing through 99.99% of their blogging and business campaign, this 0.01% mistake of sending emails to people who never signed up for their list 100% kills their business.

Imagine doing the right, smart, business-building thing 99% of the time then making a silly mistake like buying emails or buying an entire list, sending unsolicited emails, then seeing 1,000, or 5,000 or 20,000 people blacklist your email.

If 5,000 people blacklist your email – because said 5,000 people never signed up for your list, their emails scraped – you better believe most if not all of your email newsletters wind up in people’s spam folders.

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This means 90%-100% of your emails never get read. Even if said emails are jam-packed with value. Even if your blog and videos and podcasts are jam-packed with value. Even if you are largely a genuine, heart-centered entrepreneur, if you rely heavily on email to build your online business, buying email lists scraped through black hat methods is online suicide because all of your hard work disappears into oblivion.

A Better Way to Do Email

Guys; create helpful content and build meaningful connections, to grow your email list.

Content draws in potential subscribers. People dig your free content. People sign up for your email list. People who actually want to sign up for your email list.

Folks whom you promote, and whose blogs you comment on, promote you, endorse you and spread your word, growing your email list around the clock.

You do not want big numbers; you want human beings highly interested in what you have to offer. The secret to list building success is to organically attract people who love your content, products and services, to sign up for your email list. Takes time, patience and persistence to grow a quality list but the payoff is boosting your blog traffic and profits steadily.

Beware though; if you do everything right with your blog but mess up email, and if more folks keep spamming your emails, all of your emails eventually go directly to spam and you will fail.

The individual who I highlighted above sends me emails at least weekly. He means well but every single email goes into my spam folder, meaning I read none save this email, to offer you an example of what not to do. You can do everything right, blogging-wise and business-wise, but if you send people emails scraped via black hat methods, you are doomed.

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Ask for permission to email people. Build your list organically. Patiently grow a quality, responsive, prospering list to expand your blogging business exponentially over the long haul.

Well worth the effort, patience and persistence, guys.

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