7 Lessons I Learned from Writing 300 Guest Posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com

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Today marks my 300th guest post on Blogging Tips!

I feel grateful to Zac for extending this opportunity to me.

I feel even more grateful to be able to have fun writing these words and to make a living out of it. I have been a full time pro blogger for years. I live a pretty neat life, circling the globe through my blogging exploits.

No doubt, writing and publishing guest posts here has helped promote my blogging success in an awesome way.

Peep these 10 lessons I learned from writing and publishing 300 guest posts on Blogging Tips Dot Com.

1: Guest Post Mainly for Fun

I could not write and publish 300 guest posts on multiple sites – let alone on a single blog – unless I had fun writing.

I love writing. I have a passion for writing. So I write.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable but largely, I write seeing the work as the reward, because the work feels like play.

Write for fun, mainly. Guest post because you enjoy blogging. Finding that fun, freeing driver can help make you wildly prolific.

2: Make a Blanket Decision to Write 1 Guest Post Daily

I made a blanket decision many months ago: I would write 1 guest post daily on Blogging Tips and create 1 video daily for a guest post on The Huffington Post.

600 plus guest posts later, here I am. Toss in the hundreds of guest posts I have published between other blogs and you can see the power of decision in action.

Decide to do something fun, freeing and beneficial to your readers. Don’t turn back. See it through.

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3: Release Doubters

Some folks ask me why I would publish so many guest posts to one blog.

I let go their doubts – side-stepping their fears – and wrote.

When you do stuff that pushes the limits of what one sees as being possible, some people may doubt you. Let them go. Carry on.

Their doubt has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you.

4: Release Your Own Doubts

Let go your own doubts about:

  • writer’s block
  • blogger’s block

and the wide range of fearful emotions you may have about writing and publishing a high volume of articles.

Letting go my own doubts was the only way I could sit down, plan out and write these guest posts.

5: Stay in Your Wheelhouse

I write 600 word articles generally focused on the mindset aspect of blogging.

This is my wheelhouse. This is what I enjoy blogging about most.

I toss in a few practical tips heavy posts here and there but sticking to what brings me the most fun helped me become prolific.

6: Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Even though I love writing, some days I feel uncomfortable writing these posts.

I feel hurried. I feel like I am being crunched.

I have fun writing, but also feel uncomfortable sometimes. Part of the game.

7: Writing Frequently Makes You a More Skilled Writer, Not Subject to Burnout

Ya know when somebody writes 1 guest post, publishes it, then puts their feet up for a few weeks because they fear burning out or pushing themselves too hard?

I have a secret for this crowd; writing frequently doesn’t lead to burn out. Writing frequently makes you a more skilled, prolific writer.

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Write 1000 words daily in a Word Document. Just for practice. Become prolific. Become a guest posting machine.

Your Turn

What blogging lessons have you learned recently?


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This guest posting opportunity found me because I diligently followed these 13 tips.

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