7 Reasons To Hire An SEO Company In 2020 & Beyond

7 Reasons To Hire An SEO Company In 2020 & Beyond

The trend has been digital for some time now. If you’re on the fence about what an SEO company can do for your business, you haven’t been paying attention.

Ecommerce is at an ultimate high. And that trend will only continue an upward climb.

The boomers are on the way out and there’s a lot less explaining to do to the old folks about how to use Google.

It’s common knowledge that when you want to know about something you Google it.

This increasingly familiar practice has filtered into every aspect of our lives. So many of our actions are so deeply engrained in consulting a smartphone that SEO cannot be ignored.

The number of purchases made through a mobile device is expected to rise to approximately 44% of total e-commerce spending in 2020.

The Coronavirus has kept people behind closed doors and has accelerated the behavioural pattern of online shopping.

You shouldn’t need much convincing about how much SEO services can do for your company. The writing has been on the wall for some time now.

Search engine optimization is necessary to develop a competitive business and ensure long-lasting growth and profitability.

If you’re on the fence about working with a Toronto SEO company, this article will end the debate. The answers are plain and simple and the results are in the best interest of the growth of your business.

Traffic generation

One of the first functions that SEO is associated with is traffic generation. Simple logic will tell you that the more people you’re able to get to your website, the more opportunity for sales, leads and new clients.

An SEO company will help to identify the major opportunities for traffic generation.

Opportunities include analyzing technical deficiencies that lower the performance of web pages.

The organic search results are the largest source of targeted traffic. Ranking highly for keywords vital to your company has one of the biggest ROI’s in the digital marketing spectrum.

Increase search visibility

Search visibility is no longer just ranking highly for a keyword in the organic results. There are many different features on a SERP that now contribute to driving traffic to a website.

Whenever paid ads, a local pack, a featured snippet or PAA box appear in a search result these SERP features absorb a percentage of available clicks. Many of them are zero-click results. A phenomenon that has been steadily growing on Google.

Optimizing your site to drive traffic requires more consideration of the potential features a particular SERP displays.

You can increase the traffic your site receives by creating and optimizing content to appear in the most important features that will benefit your business.

For example, winning position zero (a featured snippet) can boost the traffic of your site by jumping other sites that would normally rank ahead of yours.

Reach a targeted audience

The traffic you drive to your site is worthless if your visitors aren’t interested in the content of your website. Keyword research is a large part of SEO because it identifies the most popular terms being used by people searching for what you offer.

Keyword research results in establishing a keyword strategy that is used to drive traffic at multiple stages of the buyer journey.

An effective keyword strategy is a blueprint for publishing relevant content. Each page you publish is optimized to rank highly for terms that have a specific purpose in the marketing funnel.

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There are users who are looking to make a transaction, compare products or services and some that just want to learn the basics.

Your site should have content to address each of these stages.

The largest part of the funnel is where you’re providing awareness about your business and what it does.

Your company casts a much larger net by providing a pathway that takes users from awareness to a transaction.

Adapt to changes

Google makes small changes in its algorithm twice every day.

There are more noticeable changes reported generally once every quarter.

Historically, there have been a few major updates that turned the entire ranking system upside down. Many people lost entire businesses overnight in the aftermath of the Panda and Penguin updates.

The websites that followed Google’s best practices survived these updates.

Those who had been taking short cuts (many cheap SEO providers were found guilty of taking shortcuts) suffered losses that took years to recover.

A good SEO company continually adjusts to the latest changes that improve search visibility. When featured snippets began appearing more frequently, SEOs were optimizing for their clients.

FAQ schema was introduced, and sites that adapted now have a larger area dedicated to their single search result.

Even the major updates are easily taken in stride when you’re site has built its rankings based on white hat principles.

Defend top positions

Many people initially hire SEO companies to be on the offence. Typically strategies are laid out to make gains in ranking and traffic generation. However, once you’re website reaches a goal, there is also the need to defend that position from other companies competing for the same keywords.

Although the initial push is to achieve a top ranking, SEO is also about staying ahead of those who are also pushing to reach the top. Once you’ve reached the top, there needs to be a strategy for maintaining your position.

A strategic approach to growth

Every website should have an established keyword and content strategy with a goal to achieve. With a plan to execute and a goal to accomplish companies can budget time and resources for the desired result.

This also gives you a working model for identifying where things work well and where they can be improved. Without measuring performance it’s difficult to ascertain the true impact of your SEO efforts.

Make more money

The old phrase “You have to spend money to make money” applies to SEO and the growth of your company. If you want your company to increase sales it makes sense to increase the number of leads your website generates.

Despite some major cutbacks in spending, businesses are still investing in SEO. Google Trends suggests that the interest in SEO is on an upward trend in light of quarantine restrictions and a future that is uncertain.

The truth is that search engine optimization puts your website in front of more people, more frequently. To capitalize on the growing number of people searching, your site needs to be competitive in the SERPs in order to make more money.

Search engine optimization is an investment

The need to optimize your website is indisputable.

Google itself publicly recommends the use of an SEO consultant to get business owners on the right track for maximizing the potential of their websites.

Identifying the traffic opportunities and maximizing the leads your website generates is difficult to do at a high level without professional assistance.

If you’re serious about the growth of your business, invest in the growth of your website.

Find an SEO company you trust and can rely on to capitalize on the opportunities that wait for you in your industry.

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