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At the crux of entrepreneurial success lies savvy marketing. Unfortunately, some budding businesspeople forego this option for fear they’ll have to dip into their limited budget. However, there are numerous ways to promote your enterprise that won’t deplete your financial resources. Here are among a few free ways to drive business growth that requires nothing more than your time and dedication.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is one of the many digitally-driven pillars of the modern era. As these platforms continue to dominate society, companies are beginning to advertise their products and services through their social media accounts. Not only does this help you target your demographic, but it provides engaging content for clients as well. Best of all, it allows you to interact with your consumers and, in turn, demonstrates your loyalty, involvement, and dedication to your brand.

Build Your Website With Free Tools

In order to thrive in the corporate domain, having a website is critical. Designing, developing, and maintaining a website can no doubt be daunting to a layman. What’s more, employing a web design firm to craft your site comes with many dollar signs – enter free website builders. Utensils like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace offer pre-built website templates that make creating webpages a cinch.

Get Ranked On Search Engines

Search engine optimization is perhaps the most well-known brand-building practice. In essence, SEO maximizes your company’s online visibility by increasing website traffic. You can submit your website to search engines such as Bing, Yahoo!, and Google to optimize your visibility.

Create A Blog

Studies reveal that adding blog content to your website increases your chances of getting ranked on search engines by 434 percent. With that said, incorporating this material into your webpage is a must. Having a blog shows your audience that you’re both well read on your industry and have a commitment to keep viewers entertained. Once you begin writing, it’s vital that you keep your momentum; that way, you don’t come across as inconsistent or fickle.

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Email Marketing

Gone are the days of snail mail, and upon us is the age of digital correspondence. The efficacy of email marketing has long been celebrated, and it’s a surefire way to keep both prospective and existing clients privy to ongoing developments. Making a free email marketing account is a cinch. Bear in mind that you will have to put in some extra legwork initially when creating subscriber lists and recurring content.

Contact Online Community Calendars

There’s no simpler or more efficient way to spread the word of your upcoming events than through online community calendars. These nifty outlets allow you to promote events that your business is either hosting, attending, or sponsoring. It’s incredibly easy to submit your information, and these channels are free to the public as well. With that said, you won’t be reaching an exclusive group but rather an entire community.


Growing your online presence is made possible with backlinking. Backlinks are effective in both establishing your credibility and forging relations with fellow entrepreneurs. Generating backlinks is simple, and if you’re wondering how to increase backlinks for free, below are some suggestions.

  • Broken-link building
  • Guest articles
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Internal links
  • Interviews
  • Donation links
  • Testimonials

Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube has taken the millennial generation by storm, making it a viable marketing solution. This free application offers a creative way to advertise your services in video format. However, YouTube is a tricky territory. Captivating audiences isn’t as simple as churning out content. Your videos must be engaging and involve more than product placement. Fortunately, creators can gauge which videos performed well by referencing their analytics page.

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