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Influencer outreach

Here on ProBlogger, we have a lot of tips on influencer outreach – how to reach out to influencers and pitch to them. Here are just a few of the resources we have available:

But in this blog post I want to talk about why you should do it.

One big reason is the diminishing returns social media is providing. Many bloggers I know are struggling to get much traction on social media. It’s becoming a very noisy space, and the algorithms in place are squashing our organic reach.

If you don’t have the budget to pay for advertising (and many bloggers don’t), then social media can feel like shouting into an empty room.

Could influencer outreach be the solution for you?

Networking with influencers in your niche and building relationships with them can lead to any number of opportunities. Here are nine of them.

#1: Increased Traffic

The right influencer linking to your blog (or podcast, video or social media account) at the right time can send you a decent amount of traffic.

One straightforward way to get this benefit is through a guest post. I know that Jon Morrow, who runs the very successful Smart Blogger blog, got a huge surge in traffic when we published his post How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World back in 2011.

Receiving a link from an influential blog in your niche can also send a lot of traffic over time – for example, being featured in a “Top 10” or “Top 100” list of blogs.

#2: Raised Profile

An influencer’s credibility and authority can rub off on you, helping you build your brand. For instance, if they retweet one of your posts it’s a signal to their followers that your blog is reputable and worth reading.

It’s worth keeping in mind that influencers are very aware of how their own brand is affected by what they share and link to. If your blog has hardly any content or your posts are full of typos, they may well avoid promoting you.

#3: Great Testimonials and Social Proof

If an influencer says something nice about you – on their blog, in their email newsletter, or even in a Facebook post or tweet – you may be able to use their words on your own website.

A good example of a blogger using influencers’ words in this way is Jeff Goins. If you go to his website and scroll partway down his front page you’ll see this:

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But before you put anyone’s words up on your site like this, make sure get their permission.

#4: Profitable Collaborations

When you build a solid relationship with an influencer, they could potentially become a collaborator or partner. Many influencers reach a certain level in their business where they’re actively looking for other people to work with to grow their business even more.

You might end up joining them on a freelance basis (where you’re paid a set amount for your work) or on a profit-sharing basis (where you and the influencer split the profits from a particular project).

In the past, I’ve seen my own relationships grow and develop into creating products alongside other people – including ebooks and ecourses. If you take a look at the ProBlogger ebooks, you’ll see I’ve partnered with other authors on some of them. Mark Hayward authored ProBlogger’s Guide to Blogging for Your Business, and Shane Tilley developed The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing.

#5: Getting Hired

While landing a job isn’t the most likely outcome of influencer outreach, it does happen. Some influencers will be looking to hire part-time or full-time staff, and it’s only natural for them to favour people they already know and like.

I’ve hired numerous people who initially got to know me through social media. They didn’t reach out to get a job – they were just being friendly or helpful. But out of that initial contact grew a relationship that eventually led to them getting hired.

#6: Getting an Introduction

Influencers tend to know one another, and we talk to each other too. If you get to know one or two key people in your industry, they may be able to open doors for you to meet and connect with other influencers. This in turn can lead to even more opportunities and introductions.

Again, be aware that influencers won’t want to risk their reputation by introducing their friends and colleagues to someone they don’t really know. You’ll need to invest some time into building a relationship before asking for an introduction.

#7: Improved SEO

Getting a link from an influencer can help with your SEO. Some bloggers think of this benefit first and ignore the rest, which is why I’ve put it some way down the list. While SEO is important, it’s not the only thing to think about. And contacting lots of influencers just to ask for a link will likely backfire.

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But if you’ve built a relationship with an influencer, there’s no harm in sending them a link to one of your best blog posts that you think will interest them and their audience. They may well be happy to send a link your way. And links from trusted authority sites can help boost your site’s position in Google’s rankings.

#8: Increased Sales

A relationship with an influencer can potentially lead to them recommending your products or services. They may simply link to what you do, or become one of your affiliates.

Again, keep in mind that influencers won’t risk their reputation by promoting a product they’ve barely seen, or something that doesn’t seem high quality. So create the best product/service you can, and make sure you give them full access.

#9: Mentorship and Guidance

Finally, being on good terms with an influencer could potentially lead to a mentoring relationship. This isn’t something you should necessarily expect – many influencers are simply too busy – but it is a possibility. Even if they don’t have much time to spare, they might still be willing to provide occasional advice on a particular question or struggle.

Of course, one great way to get mentored by an influencer is to read all their content. Listen to their podcast, buy their books (if applicable), and really try to put what they teach into practice. Chances are if you questions about something that’s not covered or isn’t clear, they’ll almost certainly be  happy to cover them.

Some influencers even invite questions and use them as the basis for blog posts. Naomi Dunford is currently doing it on her IttyBiz blog, with posts such as Reader Question: How Do You Expand And Grow When You’re Too Busy?

As I said at the beginning, reaching out to influencers can lead to a lot of opportunities. I  realise that reaching out out to the big names in your niche may be daunting. They may be people you’ve admired for months, or even years.

But hopefully I’ve convinced you that influencer outreach is worth the effort. And who knows? One day you may become an influencer yourself, and get to do the same for someone else.

Are you reaching out to influencers? How are you doing it? Tell us about it in the comments. 


Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

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