A Four-Step Guide to Tracking Conversions on LinkedIn [Infographic]


Last September, LinkedIn launched their own form of conversion tracking, giving advertisers another way to measure the effectiveness of their LinkedIn ad efforts, and more definitively connect them to bottom line results. 

Conversion tracking is becoming an increasingly important element in social media marketing – as social becomes a more significant part of modern business process, so too does the need for improved tools to connect online efforts with offline results. This is also why LinkedIn’s recently expanded their Lead Generation ad tools, giving marketers more ways to establish definitive results from their ad spend.

Similar to Facebook’s Pixel, conversion tracking on LinkedIn enables you to measure responses on your website, helping provide more context around ad response. To provide more insight on this, LinkedIn have published this new infographic, which outlines which conversions are worth tracking, and how you can set up LinkedIn Conversion Tracking for your business.

For more information on LinkedIn Conversion Tracking, head to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website.

A Four-Step Guide to Tracking Conversions on LinkedIn [Infographic] | Social Media Today


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