A Guide to Customer Experience Management (CXM)

A Guide to Customer Experience Management covers the practical steps organisations can take to make themselves more customer-centric. It also highlights how to implement data-led strategies that will help businesses understand their customers, and ultimately, enable them to create better experiences. Additionally, it covers how to overcome the challenges associated with a data-led business strategy. 

A section on what customer experience management is shows marketers the opportunities that having a data-led strategy affords in a world where customer expectations climb ever higher. 

The report also features information on how to get to know your customer through different approaches and where the responsibility for customer experience management lies. 

  • Alex Barker, Head of User Experience, Edo

  • Paul Boag, User Experience Consultant and expert in digital transformation

  • Claire Cardosi, Head of Customer Experience Management at Virgin Trains East Coast

  • Jon Davie, Chief Client Officer, Zone, a Cognizant Digital Business

  • Jacob de Lichtenberg, Consumer Product Manager, Trustpilot

  • Avis Easteal, Regional Head – Consumer, Luxasia

  • Matt Lacey, Performance Director, Code Computerlove

  • Marc McNeill, Customer Experience and Operations Director, Auto Trader

  •  Rebecca Mears, Community Lead, Cookpad

  • Dr Nicola Millard, Customer Insights and Futures, BT

  • Vittoria O’Connor, APAC Customer Loyalty and Digital Director, The Body Shop

  • Philip Pantelides, Head of Product, Community and Communication, Cookpad

  • Azlan Raj, VP, Customer Experience – EMEA, Merkle

  • Jon Warden, Head of Product and User Experience, Haymarket

  • Lisa Wood, Chief Marketing Officer, Atom Bank

  • A marketing manager in financial services

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