A Quick Way to Transfer Pages from Your Phone to Desktop

A couple of weeks ago I showed you how you can quickly send a webpage from your desktop to your phone without using a bookmarking service. Today, I have directions for doing the reverse of that process. If you use Google Chrome on your phone as well as on your laptop or desktop you can quickly transfer pages between those devices.

To send a page from your phone to your desktop simply open the sharing menu in Chrome and then tap “my devices.” That will show you a list of all of the devices that you’re signed into Chrome on. Select a device and send the page. This will work even if you are not anywhere near the your desktop or laptop. Watch my video below to see how this process works.

Applications for Education
Our students today are more likely to browse and search the web on their phones than they are on their laptop or desktop computers. But many schools ban the use of cell phones during the day (that’s another debate for another blog). By using this little trick students can quickly transfer the pages they need from their phones to the laptops or desktops that they have to use during the school day.

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