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eCom Hacks Academy is an in-depth course for building your online business in Shopify. CNBC and Entrepreneur, Inc. featured its founder, Jared Goetz, in 2017 as he was able to earn 2 million USD in 60 days from his store. A lot of people are enticed by how Jared worked for only 30 minutes a day, which is included in the eCom Hacks Academy training. If it sounds too good to be true, check out this Jared Goetz review for a rundown of what you can learn in the eCom Hacks Academy.

If you’re considering to avail of the training included in eCom Hacks Academy, take note that the price is 1,999 USD. Before enrolling, it’s best to know what to expect, which are the following:

  1. Training Course

Jared teaches what he called dropsurfing, which is different from the more commonly known dropshipping. Here are some differences between the two:

  • Accordingly, dropsurfing only sells viral products while dropshipping sells what seems like a profitable product of your own choice.
  • With dropsurfing, you can travel the world without worrying for your inventory, unlike in dropshipping where you need to buy products in bulk, which could pile up in your garage.
  • Dropsurfing uses Shopify as its store while dropshipping uses both Shopify or Amazon. However, the difference is controlling traffic sources for dropsurfing, and it only hopes to make a sale on Amazon.
  • The profit dropsurfing promises for using Shopify ranges from 30-40%, which is higher from dropshipping earnings that range from only 5-10%.

The dropsurfing concept is what Jared offers through his course: a dream business where you can work at home and travel any time. In the course, he shows you how it’s done from his own formula, which consist of the following:

  • Structure of the store
  • Techniques to convert leads
  • Effective ways to find products
  • Partnering with suppliers
  • Ads creation and scaling
  • Customer service
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Moreover, the content of the course that incorporates videos are as follows:

  • Module 1 – Overview of the structure, which has ten lessons, such as how to register with Shopify’s free 21-day trial, creating a store, establishing your domain name, phone setup, your store’s mode of payment, and basic search engine optimization (SEO) meta descriptions. Although helpful, almost all of these are available online.
  • Module 2 – Talks about setting up your store, which comes in 16 lessons. It focuses on conversion rate methods, email setup, and maximizing sales through upsells and free shipping.
  • Module 3 – Includes four lessons focusing on the products, from finding products and suppliers, to the fulfillment of orders through Oberlo.
  • Module 4 – Has 16 lessons that discuss strategies to keep your store running. Marketing campaigns such as Facebook Ads and using it like a pro, testing methods, and your budget are included in this module.
  • Module 5 – A bonus lesson that talks about conversion hacks, customer services, customer audience, and templates for abandoned cart email, which are in PDF form.
  1. Pros

The best part of the eCom Hacks Academy is that it is legitimate, unlike many online training courses being offered on the internet these days.

Moreover, the following are pros that make the eCom Hacks Academy beneficial:

  • Proven Method – Since the structure and formula are personally tested by its founder, eCom Hacks Academy’s strategies can give you financial freedom, similar to what happened to Jared.
  • Suitable for Beginners – Since lessons are understandable, a zero-knowledge Shopify wannabe can learn a lot from the training.
  • Teaches, Not Feeds – Unlike other courses that offer a website they’re affiliated to, Jared’s academy only guides you on how to create and operate your own site. You may even learn how to increase your sales through a new website, akin to what happened to Walmart.
  1. Drawbacks
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The training program may teach you a lot, but like any other program, there are also drawbacks to the eCom Hacks Academy. Here are some of them:

  • Expensive – A lot of online training courses come way cheaper than what Jared offers, and with the content of the program, it has a high price.
  • Not suitable for Shopify experts – Because the content is not new for existing Shopify users, the structure may only be beneficial for beginners. When it comes to setting up an account and website, which existing users may already know, it may not be worth the price for them.
  • Unrealistic Expected Sales – A promise of 5 million USD as your income may be too much. Moreover, the highlight that attracts people, which is working for four hours each week while earning 5 million USD, is a high expectation. Especially if you’re a beginner, this may not be reachable.


This review guide may help you balance your expectations regarding the eCom Hacks Academy training program. What is guaranteed is the legitimacy of Jared’s academy, but his claims may not be realistic, as his working style may not be applicable when starting up. Reaching a large amount of income may mean working hard and working smart, but it may take some time for most people. Nevertheless, feel free to try out the training program if you think this will suit and benefit you.





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