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By Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, August 26, 2019

The latest SEO offering will enable car dealerships to attract more consumers to their website and generate leads.

FREMONT, CA: First impressions often play a crucial role in lead generation. When it comes to customer engagement, the offerings delivered by ActivEngage are unparalleled. The premier provider of guided retailing solutions recently launched its latest performance-driven solution, ActivSEO, a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) service powered by MXS solutions.

SEO is not only about increasing website traffic, but driving motivated buyers to the showroom. The solution was developed by leveraging feedback from customers. ActicEngage collaborated with MXS Solutions to create a robust and advanced approach to optimize search. ActivSEO aims to generate high-intent website traffic to engage the consumers and lead them to the dealership. The consumers are converted into customers by the messaging team.

ActivEngage has helped the automotive sector generate over $15 billion in automotive sales, becoming one of the most award-winning automotive digital services companies. Its live chat service has revolutionized the automotive industry by ensuring maximum consumer engagement. The unique portfolio of ActivEngage comprises a variety of digital messaging products and retailing services designed to aid businesses around the world and equip them with an elite solution to ensure an engaging experience throughout the customer lifecycle.

The three-month pilot program of the solution with Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City revealed that a customized SEO approach could significantly enhance site traffic and conversion. The partnerships with ActivEngage have enabled multiple car dealerships to improve their customer engagement, leading to a massive increase in unique visitors. ActivSEO has led to a rise in chat lead volume without compromising lead quality.

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ActivEngage and MXS Solution are focused on the development of personalized approaches to automotive digital marketing. The ActivSEO offering comprises an in-house team of SEO experts working with dealerships to improve their website leads. It helps them focus on keywords specific to the dealership area, enabling them to create performance pages based on what the consumers are searching. The clients can monitor search results rankings and top competitors, while also obtaining in-depth monthly reporting with real-time tracking capabilities. The two companies are united in their objective to deliver robust solutions to their clients, which enable them to optimize their results and win more customers. 

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