AFC Asian Cup 2019: Tactics not defensive, but productive – Park Hang-seo hits back as Vietnam reach quarter-finals

Vietnam made it through to the quarter-finals of the AFC Asian Cup 2019 tournament as they defeated Jordan in a tensely contested penalty shootout.

After the game, Vietnam head coach Park Hang-seo addressed the media, and in particular, addressed his critics as he felt his side were anything but defensive in their approach to the competition. 

Vietnam manager slams critics after they reach last 16

“We got to the last 16 very narrowly, it was really hard to get here. And then our players did not get enough time to rest for this game. So I really appreciate the work put in by our players, they really did well today.”

And then the press conference got even more interesting, as the Korean manager openly hit out at his critics following a FOX Sports Asia article that highlighted slightly defensive tactics that Hang-seo is used to adopting at times.

“I also an article by FOX Sports Asia, they criticised our team, that our team plays quite defensive. But I don’t agree with their article, their opinion. We do just what we have to do, and that we can do well. They call it defensive but I think it is not defensive. It is productive.”

“It is profitable for our players and I always want our players to do the best on the pitch.”

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