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Mistakes To Avoid: Avoid Common Beginner (and Advanced) Pitfalls That DRAIN Profits Out of Your Campaigns. Some of These Mistakes Are DEADLY.

How To Recognize Winning Offers: Stack The Odds In Your Favor. Learn To Pick Offers With Winning Potential Without Wasting Time Promoting Duds.

The Million Dollar Copywriting Techniques: How To Pitch Your Offer To Anyone Without Uttering A Single Word.

Font Psychology: Leverage The Power of Fonts and Learn Which Fonts Work Best For What Niche, What Audience and What Time of the Year! (Increase Your ROI by 44%!).

How To Build Irresistible Landing Pages: Get My Own Personal, Proven to Work, Ready To Use Landing Pages You Can Just Effortlessly Copy and Paste. Save WEEKS and Hundreds of Dollars in Programming.

The Secret Sauce of the Elite 1%: This alone is worth the whole course. I though about selling this separately at one point, and I might just do that very soon. These are the untold, unwritten rules that will make or break your affiliate campaigns.

You’ve probably heard by now that the best way to leverage your time, knowledge and expertise, and to start growing your business online, is through Affiliate Marketing.

With Affiliate Marketing, you sell a products or services for third parties (called vendors) in exchange for a commission.

But the sad fact is that most of what’s being taught about HOW to do this is not just wrong, but actually harmful to your long term success.

Here’s what I mean by that…

“Information-based” courses do a great job of providing information, but the fact is that more information isn’t what your customers actually need and want from you.

They’re clicking on your ads because they want RESULTS. They want TRANSFORMATION.

And we know that information alone isn’t enough to transform someone’s life or business (if it were, we’d all be rich, happy and healthy) but the facts say that.

Worse, it also means you’re unintentionally failing all but 3% of your customers…

What if there were a way you could:

There is — and it’s simple…

And on this page I’ll tell you exactly how you can have all of this and more by copying from the same closely-guarded and highly tested techniques that the world’s top 1% of affiliates use to “hook” tens of thousands of people.

Like most people, when I first started out in 2010, my dream was to to build a sustainable business that allowed me to quit my day job and work from home.

I invested thousands of dollars in courses, seminars, webinars, mastermind groups, forums…

And I followed their instructions verbatim.

I was convinced that if I kept trying doing the same things, I would eventually break through. (the stubborn Capricorn in me, if you’re into Zodiac signs)

I put months and months of blood sweat and tears only to look at blank pay statements from the affiliate networks. (while spending THOUSANDS of dollars of my own money).

I felt a great deal of Frustration, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, because I had put so much time and effort in this, but got nowhere. And after months of unsuccessful attempts, I wanted to quit.

Maybe I just wasn’t fit to do this? Maybe I didn’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and I was just kidding myself?

I gotta tell you, in those days, I started to get so used to the feelings of being overworked, underpaid, under-appreciated and powerless to have a bigger impact and make more money at the same time, that I did feel like a total failure.

And the negative thoughts began to loop over and over in my head…

“Why isn’t this working for me? What am I doing so wrong? Why are other marketers making profit and I keep sinking into loss?

Thousands of affiliates are starting from stratch every year…

… People who pour their heart and soul into it, hoping to build a solid online income, hoping to gain the freedom to live their dreams and the lifestyle that they want to live.

Yet on average, the statistics say that less than 3% of people ever succeed in Affiliate Marketing, and most affiliates quit within the first 3 months.

In other words, affiliate marketing as an industry has a staggering 97% failure rate across the board.

I wanted so badly to be in the 3%… but what I didn’t know what that this was a problem that affected everybody, not just me.

And then one day, I was reminded of an experience that I’d had a few years prior…

There I was, working for a marketing agency in Los Angeles.

I was going through the motions of my day job. Talking to clients, running PPC campaigns, doing reports, same old things.

But I still had a tiny spark in my mind that I would be creating my own business. I started researching on the internet for people who actually walked the walk.

I was tired of false promises, of the get-rich-quick BS, of the “gurus” who never made a dollar online except by telling other people how to make a dollar.

I was determined to find REAL mentors. People who I could chat with on a daily basis and who were still making money online at that time (not ten years before).

Thats how I stumbled upon the Affiliate Playbook Forum.

In there I found the help I truly needed. Not some outdated threads. Not some spammy posts. Not sales gimmicks.

What I found was a handful of affiliates who were making THOUSANDS of dollars a day in profit and they were sharing their tricks!

Never before have I seen or read about such DETAILED and SPECIFIC how to’s. Besides the step by step lessons, which are neatly grouped by topic, you get customized help by a REAL affiliate who makes money online full time from home.

Even if you are a total beginner, have no tech or programming skills, they will show you everything from the start.

I’m myself a slow learner. I usually takes me several attempts before I “get” a new concept. I was always helped, guided and pushed to do better.

I strongly recommend you sign up to the Affiliate Playbook Forum right now.

There I was able to make huge progress. I was shown why my campaigns sucked.

A few months down the road, EVERYTHING clicked. From what seemed total chaos, order appeared. I was suddenly profitable.

I understood that all that knowledge could be packed in Easy and Comprehensive Video Course.

Somewhere along the way, I’d bought into the fiction that my INFORMATION was the valuable part. But I know understood that what people valued wasn’t actually information, but the experience that came with it.

A huge feeling of relief and gratitude washed over me, because I realized…

There was nothing wrong with me or the knowledge I had.
The problem was just how that info was scattered out there.

After almost 3 years of heartache, worrying about my business, and feeling like there was something wrong with me, I finally had hope. I no longer thought about quitting. And if this was right, I had stumbled on something that would transform the entire affiliate marketing industry and how we think about product creation and delivery.

I was excited to share what I have learned and see if others could also learn that fast and start making money. So I shoved aside the doubt and worry and got to work. I thought long and hard about everything I’d learned as a Marketer and agency manager…

I thought about the mentors who had the biggest impact on me…

I spent a whole year thinking, experimenting, and studying the natural chemistry of motivation, the different kinds of experiences that were powerful and universal in driving someone to action…

And I distilled all of this down into the PPV Master Course in a very specific sequence.

This video course is the antidote for what I call the “Downward Death Spiral” that happens with most affiliate marketers.

Maybe you’ve experienced this before when buying a program or course. As you made the decision to go for it, perhaps you remember that feeling of euphoria you felt just as you were hitting the “buy” button. You were so excited to get your hands on it and for what it would mean to you and your life. You may have even felt a little optimism that things were about to change for you.

Most affiliate marketing courses make people feel like they’re at the very bottom of an impossibly-tall mountain, with no clear way up and the wrong gear.

And then, because you’re not getting results, you feel like a failure. Not only because your business isn’t growing, but also because you’ve spend thousand of dollars in the course and in testing your campaigns the wrong way.

So if you’ve been struggling, spinning your wheels, and maybe even procrastinating when it comes to starting your online business because you think you need to learn more…

And you may not even be quite sure why it’s been so hard for you…

That’s why I created The PPV Master Course.

Everything you will learn in this video course is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Downward Death Spiral…it’s what I call Experience Escalation:

…propelling you towards finishing your program, getting the results you desire, and becoming the real entrepreneur you deserve to be!

And, the best part about the PPV Master Course? Anyone can follow it to start their own affiliate marketing business, even if you’re not a tech-savvy person or world-renowned marketing expert.
You don’t have to know everything or be perfect in order to be successful, as long as you use the principle I show you in the PPV Master Course so you can work with the natural chemistry of motivation.

I was so excited because everything about this felt good. I had so much fun thinking about how these skills would create that unstoppable momentum for my clients and keep them engaged.

But now I needed to see if these ideas would actually work! I had to test it…

I have to confess, I was also a little bit nervous…

Because these ideas went against EVERYTHING I had ever been taught about affiliate marketing.

I decided to start by running a small experiment to see if the PPV Video Course would work in the real world, in my business, with my tribe.

What happened? The results completely blew my mind… proving that every theory I’d had was absolutely correct.

I gave away ALL the secrets that NO ONE else teaches and instead I showed them live.

I knew I was onto something, and bit by bit, I started to share those tips and tricks with people.

And they went CRAZY about the results!

By this time, I no longer had ANY thoughts of quitting or giving up!

“I got the PPV Video Course about 3 months ago. I’ve seen my profits skyrocket within a couple of weeks. I’ve learned how to cut losses and yet leave the right campaigns on, even the ones that initially were not promising, but that turned out to be winners down the road. I could have never figured that out on my own.”

“Before the PPV Master Course I had a training business that was primarily training videos. And it was just meh. Most of my campaigns tanked and I never knew why.

I was looking for a way to make more money consistently without guesswork. And then I came upon Loris’s program and he was talking about how to pick the right offers and how to recognize potential money makers, and I was like ‘oh my goodness, this is what I’ve been waiting for.’

After taking this video course, my business just took off. Essentially, I went from not making any money to making CONSISTENT returns.

I had ever seen anything like this before, and the excitement around the advertising techinques was incredible. It felt like a breath of fresh air and I knew I had an edge over my competitors.

So I took my approach and created a PPV Master Course to teach a select few people how to do what I’d done.

Last year, when we launched the PPV Master Course, we had 198 people enroll in the program in just 5 days. 83% of them completed the entire 10-week program which is astounding when you remember that only 3% of people ever make it through “traditional” information products.

And here’s something else: the PPV Master Course guides you to create your program content in such a way that people don’t even need to make it through the entire program to get results. They start winning right away.

Compare that with most people who buy a course and never make a single dollar from it.

I’ve seen this video course work in niche after niche, on every type and kind of offer – from info products to online courses.

My students have created Profitable Campaigns in dozens of markets, such as Dating, Online Education, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness, Personal Productivity, Spirituality, Sex, Art, Design, and Non-Profits, generating millions of dollars in sales.

And they work at every stage of business, from well-established businesses to people who don’t even have a business yet. We have over 10 pages of success stories from PPV Master Course students who have used this video course to transform their businesses… and their lives.

That’s because the PPV Master Course is so powerful (and so universal), that if you follow it, and you’re willing to put in the work…

You WILL promote offers that your customers will LOVE (and that stands out in a crowded market).

The results speak for themselves.

Today, I love my business and I’m excited to wake up every single day and do what I do. We’ve been able to double our business almost every single year since we started, and this year we’re poised to make over 1 million in 3 different niches and even build a team of employees.”

“I loved this video course. Loris goes full out. He does it for his own enjoyment, he thrills at being creative and he communicates in that to the people he teaches to.

You know when you sign up for a training or something online and get five weeks of one hour from the trainer? In this case, it was the opposite end of the spectrum. And I like to know that I’m receiving a lot.”

The first few weeks it felt a bit overwhelming, but as Loris says, go back to the videos and watch them over and over. You will see and hear details that you might otherwise miss when you watch for the first time.

And we’ll be doing it together, with support, guidance and feedback every step of the way.

From the very first moment you join, you’ll be getting constant wins, building momentum, and you’ll know exactly what steps to take.

And you’ll have the Feedback and Community and TONS of support to keep you powering through and getting results.

“I appreciate [Loris’s] honesty, his authenticity and the fact that he both knows what he’s really good at and also knows what he isn’t and is really open about the mistakes he’s made. He’s very real and relatable.

It’s rare to find a mentor in a program that really brings both of those together in an authentic way and in a way that it has some depth and some substance and isn’t trite and cliche’. For smart, conscious people I think that’s just super appealing.”

“Spending the money? Will it really work for me? I just didn’t know. It was a leap of faith to do it but it was an inspired leap of faith. Like most inspired leaps of faith, it worked out.

I love working with Loris, he’s is brilliant. He shows up, he’s so committed and dedicated and he really delivers what he says he’s going to. I had never even heard of him before but Loris exceeded my expectations. He’s amazing. He creates really great content, he delivers it. He is there for you, he’s very present. The world needs more amazing men and it’s an honor to work with him.

I now have clear goals that have time sensitive outcomes and I know the steps that I need to take and I just organize my time and I take the steps. So instead of wishing for something to happen and not knowing how, I know how, I just do it. So that’s a big change.

I have confidence and if something is going wrong, I can realize that I might be having internal resistance. And I can handle my resistance and get back into the positive proactive mindset.

If you have an idea, something that you want to do that involves other people and an experience of some sort, if you haven’t done it yet, take the PPV Master Course and then you’ll have done it and then you can do it again. It makes all the difference.”

“I have just finished the 3rd Lesson of the program. I am already getting the hang of it. Q&The videos are short and simple. The PPC VMC Loris teaches really works.”

“These videos are MONEY, Thank God someone FINALLY took the time to put this together! I had 2 profitable campaigns already 🙂 Watch the videos over and over and you will get all the nuances.”

NOTE: Don’t get overwhelmed! You don’t have to learn everything at once, in fact, I strongly recommend you don’t. You can work at your own pace. I also recommend you watch all the videos MORE THAN ONCE.

You’ll have unlimited 1-on-1 email access to my personal email. I read all emails and respond within 24hrs.

Yep – by the end of this course you not only will have learned how, but you’ll have actually started your own Business selling online.

And of course, I’m going to show you exactly how to make that happen, step-by-step, so that by the end of this course you’ll have made back every cent you’ve invested in this product – essentially making this product FREE!

You’ve heard others give the tired old line of “I only succeed when you succeed.” With this guarantee, I’ve taken my commitment to your success one step further. Because not only do I only succeed when you succeed, but if I FAIL, it costs me money.

So I’ve hardwired into this program a HUGE incentive for me and my team to help YOU succeed.

I’m not going to let you fail! I’m going to support you all the way to Mission Accomplished!

Don’t you wish everyone was like that?

My current and past clients have made so much more back in little time. Consider how much you spend for your education. Doctors, laywers, etc. are typically hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt from student loans when they first start practicing.

And a doctor’s education is often 12-14 years! This video course will give you the marketing knowledge that top marketers have to make more than a doctor makes and for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

Lear how to write ad copy that sells without having to talk to anyone, and selling them what you do without being “salesy,” feeling “pushy” or slimy.

Your sales conversations will be positive experiences where your prospects will feel they got the better end of the bargain, be excited to buy your offer.

This bonus course will guide you step-by-step through different writing skills and copy and paste phrases you can use in your ads, with everything you need to get prospective clients to say YES!

One of the most overlooked aspects of affiliate marketing is identifyng exactly what tipe of fonts to use before you do anything else.

This bonus chapter will tell you exactly what fonts to use in what niches, for what audience and for what product.

Did you know that using the wrong fonts can actually hurt your profits? Because you can attract the wrong crowd just by using certain fonts!

You think all bold fonts are fit to emphasize a concept or idea?
Think again.

How many different fonts should you use in your ad copy? This bonus chapter will tell you how many and why.

Wanna know why slanted fonts are more expensive? I report scientific studies that can back that up

Not a tech savvy person and have NO CLUE how to code?

I got you. I’ve created pre-made templates that you can just copy and paste, that you can use for your campaigns.

These are the very SAME templates that made me thousands of dollars in profit!

Plus, these are easily customizable to your liking with just a basic knowledge of HTML.

Once you complete your registration you’ll get instant access to your very first training module, right there on the confirmation page. No need to dig through emails or log-onto membership sites, my goal is to get you into action from the very first day.

You’re going to get your first win within minutes of clicking the Get Started button… and my goal is to build you up all the way to Success.

Plus the knowledge that you can repeat the process, over and over again, anytime you want, for the rest of your life!

“If you are considering this PPV Master Course, you should totally do it. It’s incredible how much I was able to get done during just a few weeks. You really did, for me, deliver. I did it at a time when I truly had no time and I really was feeling gun shy about investing in another program because of a past experience and I did it anyway and I can imagine not having done it.

I’m so glad I did and what I would tell someone who’s considering doing it, you’re going to be surprised at how much you’re going to get done during this program.

The cool thing about this PPV Master Course is it’s not just busy work homework. You’re working on your business. And if you just follow the instructions and do the work and engage with it you will create things. At the end of it you’ll have something to show for it.

I think it’s like a no brainer — just do it.”

“Anyone who is considering this PPV Master Course? Just do it but do it in your way. Do it in a way that fits and works.

Don’t put it off, because it’s going to give you energy.

And don’t worry about investing money. It’ll manifest in its own time, maybe within that period of the class, maybe not. But so many of the people who were in this course, they said, I didn’t reach mission accomplished right away, but I learned so much that it’s not even a concern.

Love it, take in all the richness that it offers and then give me a personal call if you regret it later. I don’t think I’m going to get any calls from anyone.

I just hope that people could hear the truth of my heart when I say just do it. Go and show up at the training, show up at the online teachings and coaching and do product later if you want, you still will get your entire money’s worth. Guaranteed.”

“I would recommend The PPV Master Course to anybody who wants to have a business and wants to have an online product. If you want to have an online product that stands out and is one of the best out there, then I’d say definitely buy this course. There’s nothing I don’t like about the PPV Master Course so I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

My favorite part? Definitely that first bit of the training where he teaches you how to figure out what to do. It was massive for me.

But the other part is that when Loris starts teaching you about thinking like a user and putting positive experience escalation into your offers.

Another great thing is that Loris gets you doing just the things that you need to do in your business. You don’t need to start doing your website immediately, you don’t spend months on doing Facebook. You just need a really good offer and then start marketing it which is what you get done with this course. Within a few weeks I was profitable. My campaigns are making money!

And it’s changed everything for me because now I’ve got this amazing thing that’s just exactly right in the sweet spot of what I’m good at, what people want and what they’re willing to pay for.

Don’t hesitate, just do it. If you’re somebody that wants their business to actually start making money and wants to create an online business that people are going to really enjoy and that’s going to be one of the best out there then there’s no other choice. After all the courses I’ve done, hands down, this video course has been the best thing I’ve ever done.”

So right now, you have a choice. You can keep on spinning your wheels the “old” way, and risk wasting thousands of dollars while keep making the same mistakes…

Or you can get the PPV Master Course now to build a business that generates huge results and learn the techniques of the Elite 1% of affiliates to consistently grow your business without spending all your time on the marketing treadmill…

Giving you a HUGE advantage over your competition and allowing you to enjoy the success of having a business that you love.

By joining us in the PPV Master Course, you’re making the decision to invest in your business and you’re making a commitment to your success…

And remember, with our incredible 60-Day, Triple Iron-Clad Guarantee, you won’t be risking a penny.

But you do have to grab your spot before registration closes because I’m about to close the doors for this course at this price.

How would your life change if you knew that, by getting this video course, you could learn the advanced tips and tricks of top affiliate marketers?

And, that you will be able to use that same formula to do it again and again for the rest of your life?

That Affiliate Marketing could be your full-time business…

Or that, any time you have to come up with some extra cash – to pay off your house, buy a new car, go on a very nice vacation, pay a college tuition bill, or retire, all you had to do was to watch this video course and do it all again?

What would that make possible for you, for your family and for your life?

Imagine how you’d spend that extra income, and the type of lifestyle you’d be able to provide your family if you could rinse and repeat those kinds of results over and over again… and more.

Whatever your picture of success looks like for you, imagine it in as much detail as you can. Imagine having the financial means to create the lifestyle you want to live, to provide for your family and to provide for yourself, as well as the freedom and time to enjoy it.

Not some time in the distant future, but starting right now. Today.
I can’t wait to give you the PPV Master Course!

FTC DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical, and can’t be taken in any way as a guarantee of the results you would receive since your success depends on the quality of your offers and marketing. We don’t offer get rich quick solutions, and we can’t guarantee your success – only you can do that, through your commitment, hard work, consciousness, and dedication.

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Click here to get at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors. is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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