Amazon is Hiring 50,000 People On-the-Spot. It All Ends Wednesday. Here’s How to Apply

If you’re out of work, or if you know someone who needs a job immediately, I hope you’ll read this or pass it along to them.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it was hiring 5,000 people–and letting them all work from home. They’re the only ones, of course, but people who missed out on that opportunity with Amazon won’t want to miss this new one–but it all ends Wednesday.

Because by the end of the day then, Amazon will hire 50,000 new employees to work at one of 13 fulfillment centers around the United States. To be hired, you have to show up in person at one of these centers on Wednesday.

These are real jobs. They’re hard work, and require some manual labor and difficult conditions at times. From what I can tell Amazon is upfront about the fact that its fulfillment centers can be noisy, and that the temperatures can range from a low of 60 (okay) to as high as 90 degrees.

And the pay–well, you’re not going to get rich. Looking over the Amazon jobs site, we see hourly rates all over the place, depending on location (we go through them all below), but some are in the $11.50 an hour range. But, like I say–these are real jobs, and Amazon will be hiring on-the-spot Wednesday. They’re both full-time and part-time jobs that offer medical benefits and tuition reimbursement.

If you’re in a hurry, go here to check out the official announcement and how to apply. But you’ll find some other useful information below, too. We’ve also listed all of the specific jobs below in one convenient place. But also, here are five things you need to know in order to join this giant and fast-growing company.

1. The locations

I’ll list the specific jobs, pay, and locations at the end of this article–frankly because otherwise the formatting on this page would be ridiculous and you won’t see any of the other information you need.

But for now, there are 13 locations. In alphabetical order by state: Romeoville, Ill.; Hebron, Ky.; Baltimore, Md.; Fall River, Mass.; Robbinsville, N.J.; Buffalo, N.Y., Etna, Ohio; Whitestown, Ind.; Oklahoma City, Okla; Chattanooga, Tenn.; Kent, Wash.; and Kenosha, Wisc.

If you’re not near any of those, know that beyond these 50,000 one-day jobs, Amazon currently has 235 job listings in the United States (that’s listings; most with many positions available), plus others in other countries. Some are work-from-home positions, especially if you speak a language besides English.

2. The context

Let’s put that 50,000 jobs number into context. In June, the entire United States economy added 222,000 jobs, so Amazon’s one-day total–they’re calling it Amazon Jobs Day–will be almost one-quarter that amount. It’s also far more than any single industry added last month.

In case you’re wondering, this does not make Amazon the biggest employer in the United States. They’re in the top 10 for sure, but Wal-Mart is number 1 with well over 2 million employees.

3. Show up early

Remember, you have to show up in person on Wednesday. At almost all of the locations, the day starts with facility tours for candidates beginning at 8 a.m. local time (and going to 12 p.m.). Given that they’re offering jobs on-the-spot after the tours, the smart thing to do if you really want one of these jobs is to make sure you’re there early.

Yes, they say you could show up at noon and take a tour–don’t count on it. Be there early.

4. Dress the part

This is warehouse work, and the dress code is casual. But, that doesn’t mean there are no restrictions, due to safety concerns. From Amazon’s website:

Long hair must be pinned or tied up to a length that does not exceed the top of the shoulder. Beards may not exceed three inches from the face without being tied up or netted.

These sounds like pretty minor requirements, but just make sure that you show up at the interview looking like you already fit the part. Don’t give a hiring manager an excuse to choose someone else.

5. Make sure you qualify (and can prove it)

You have to be over 18 years old, and you also want to make sure you bring all the I.D. you’d need to be hired (which is probably more than you carry around with you on a typical day). This includes the information you’ll need to submit a federal government I-9 employment form.

You can find the requirements here, but in short you’ll need proof of your identity, plus proof of your legal right to work in the United States.

The specific jobs

If you click on any of the links below, Amazon takes you to a page with specific job openings, including duties, pay, and other information. Remember, these are for the 50,000 jobs that Amazon plans to fill on Wednesday. You can find thousands of other job openings on their site as well.

Click on any of the following links to find more information about jobs at each location:

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