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Amazon taps into influencer marketing using product recommendations

Brands introducing influencer marketing into their marketing strategy has seen a massive increase in 2017. It has been reported that 70% of marketers agree that creating ongoing ambassadorship is the most effective influencer marketing strategy. In 2017, 82% percent of brands were expected to spend more on video influencer content and increase their spend by 48%.

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Amazon is one of the many brands who has seen the benefits of using influencers to increase revenue. In March this year, Amazon’s Influencer Program was launched allowing social media influencers to earn commissions on Amazon products they promote. Last week Amazon also announced they will be accepting sign-ups from YouTube influencers. They have introduced a self-service tool for YouTube stars that lets them request to join the program.

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This tool looks at the influencers followers, engagement per post they receive, quality of content, and how relevant their content is. Amazon launched the program to tap into the power of influencers marketing more effectively and drive sales.

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The new tool is aimed specifically at YouTubers who want to have their channel vetted by Amazon. According to Techcrunch, Influencers will get their own customizable page on Amazon, including a vanity URL they can share where their product recommendations are featured. When customers shop their page, the influencer will earn a commission on qualifying purchases.

whats up moms amazon shopYouTube stars will mention the product in their video and link to the product in the video description. If viewers purchase via the link they will receive some of the revenue. Last month Amazon launched ‘Spark‘ a shoppable platform aimed at improving product discovery, helping bring some of the social buzz that goes on beyond their website into the Amazon app. It will be interesting to see how Amazon link these two tools to increase sales and attract new customers. Techcrunch has predicted that influencers could post their URL there as well, as the link can be shared anywhere on the web.

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It is unclear how Amazon plans to develop this program but it’s clearly the start of Amazon tapping into new marketing strategies and looking to grab millennials attention. If you’re still trying to determine how much to invest in influencer marketing this new year use our Influencer outreach guide. Learn about the benefits of influencer marketing and how it can help convert brand influencers into brand advocates using social media.

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