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A few weeks ago we shared some tidbits that pointed towards an upcoming Essential phone but very little was known about the phone itself. Today Essential CEO and father of Android has shared some interesting pics of possibly the next Essential phone.

If you were hoping for something different from all the run of the mill phones we are seeing these days you are in luck. If this really is the new Essential phone it is an entirely new form factor — no where in any Tweet does Andy Rubin say that this is the new Essential phone and he may just be visiting Boston Dynamics (an unreleased Spot is in the background) and captured the images of a totally different phone while there.

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Not only is it the longest, thinnest phone we have seen (looks like a remote control) but it also runs an entirely new UI according to another Tweet. We assume it is still Android but obviously has some extensive customisation to make it fit and work with the new form factor. We can see a maps app but doesn’t look like any Google Maps interface we have seen before, an Uber, calendar and weather app.

Of course Andy is trying to get us to focus on the colours of the phone which is not what everyone is seeing and I suspect he knew that when he Tweeted them. There are two reasons why he would Tweet out these images — he has seen what has happened with the Pixel 4 and wants to get out in front of all the leaks etc that will undoubtedly occur or it is not actually the Essential phone at all and is some weird communicator thing made by Boston Dynamics but thought he’d troll the internet with images of it.

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Whatever the case we are looking forward to seeing if anyone ever claims ownership to this device, what it is and how it functions. What do you think? Essential Ph-two or trolling by Andy Rubin?

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