Another Free Payday: Yahoo Puts Up $117.5M to Settle 2012-2016 Data Breaches

If you owned a Yahoo account between 2012 and 2016, another payday is headed your way, thanks to the data breach that took place between those years.

To settle the matter, beyond enhancing their security systems, Yahoo is offering up $117.5 million to those affected. However, Yahoo would likely much rather you opt for the two free years of credit monitoring it’s offering. In order to get cash, you’ll need to provide proof you’ve had credit monitoring, though for us who were affected by the Equifax breach, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Defendants will also pay for a Settlement Fund of $117,500,000. The Settlement Fund will provide: a minimum of two years of Credit Monitoring Services to protect Settlement Class Members from future harm, or Alternative Compensation instead of credit monitoring for Class Members who already have Credit Monitoring Services (subject to verification and documentation); Out-of-Pocket Costs for losses related to the Data Breaches; and reimbursement of some costs for those who paid for Yahoo premium or small business services.

In order to receive any sort of compensation, you’ll need to file a claim before July 20, 2020. Don’t worry, you’ve got time!

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