App Lets Customers Invest in Your Small Restaurant By Paying for Food — in Advance


One of the major challenges of running a food related business is finding a way to pay for the ingredients and supplies you need to make your products before getting any money for actually selling them. But a new app aims to change that for small businesses.

Introducing the Credibles App

Credibles is a San Francisco based startup that has created an app for independent restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other food businesses. The idea behind the app is that customers can pre-pay for food, essentially loading credits onto the app that they can use for later purchases.

This helps the customer conveniently pay for purchases from their favorite small food businesses. Users can simply create an account and then load some money onto it, specifying their restaurant or food business of choice. They can then use those credits the next time they visit the business, just as they would a gift card. The app also offers some incentives for people to earn additional credits by loading large amounts onto their account, kind of like adding interest.

There are also plenty of benefits to the businesses using the Credibles app. Of course, allowing customers to pre-pay for their purchases can help business owners solve some cash flow issues. But it can also help those businesses appeal to customers who look for convenient and high tech ways to pay. Just think how popular the Starbucks app is because it allows people to pay for their items quickly and conveniently. Now, small business owners can offer something similar but without having to hire an expensive app developer.

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If you’re interested in getting your business funded and offering a new way for your customers to pay through Credibles, the company has a sign up form available on its website.

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