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WARRENTON, Va., Oct. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Appy Pie launches its own online learning platform – Appy Pie Academy that is aimed at offering a wide range of free online courses to entrepreneurs and learners from around the world. Appy Pie Academy hosts courses from a variety of fields, including app and website development, website design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, app monetization, copywriting, office productivity, management, marketing, personal development, project management, sales, and others. These courses are focused on equipping learners with industry specific knowledge and skills to work more efficiently.

Appy Pie Academy has a library of thousands of courses with new additions published every day. Course content is provided in short, well-defined modules and each course is focused on a unique area. This online learning platform from Appy Pie has great things to offer to the beginners as well as to the advanced learners, from any industry or background. With top rated online courses, Appy Pie Academy helps students, businesses, and individuals gain the skills they need to compete in today’s economy.

“We have launched Appy Pie Academy with an aim to help small and medium sized businesses or entrepreneurs gain the latest and greatest industry knowledge and run a successful business enhancing their bottom line,” said Scot Small, CEO Appy Pie. He further added, “Appy Pie Academy provides you with the best online learning experience, with a focus on dependability and high-quality content for free. It is one of the best online learning platforms for anyone looking to learn anything in reference to starting a website, blogging, copywriting, internet marketing, app monetization, app development, marketing, sales or other industry skills. Each course on our platform has been hand-tailored to teach you a specific skill in clear and easy-to-understand language.”

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Appy Pie has offices in London, New Delhi, and Virginia, with a combined staff of more than 300 people. The company’s sole aim is to empower small businesses and help them achieve success in this cut-throat competition. A simple, yet powerful DIY platform, Appy Pie also helps startups save thousands of dollars with its workflow automation services, enabling them to create a greater impact with less efforts by adding speed, consistency, and visibility to their workflow.

About Appy Pie

Appy Pie, a Trademark of Appy Pie LLP, is an unrivaled leader in the mobile app bandwagon that allows anyone to transform their app ideas into reality, without any technical knowledge. Simply drag and drop the features and create an advanced Android or iOS application for mobiles and smartphones, as easy as pie. You can also install Appy Pie’s Android and iOS App and start creating your app on the fly. You can also download the PWA version of your app through PWA Store.

Media Contact

Scot Small
[email protected] 
+1 888 322 7617



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