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Blogging is simple.

Spot problems. Observe issues.

Create solutions to these problems through your content.

Easy, eh?

Not quite.

At least as a new blogger you’ll likely have problems connecting the blogging dots between problems and solutions.

I filmed a video from New Zealand today to help you connect the dots.

Watch and enjoy the stunning scenery here:

After cyber-breathing in the fresh, clean, clear air in Opotiki you probably want to know: how can you become a better observer of problems?

Easy; slow down your breathing, slow down your mind filled with all its fears and you naturally observe, record and collect a slew of problems related to your blogging niche.

You’ll also know where to look to solve these problems.

Places like:

  • Quora
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus Communities
  • blog comments on your blog
  • blog comments on top blogs from your niche
  • emails
  • comments on social media
  • topics addressed on top blogs from your niche
  • comments on YouTube videos

The problems are always there but you must needs look in the right spots and open up to seeing and feeling the problems of others.

How to Become an Observer

I love starting days with meditation and yoga. Yoga expands my awareness. As does meditation.

I become aware of people’s problems through their comments online – and offline – because my awareness expands a bit more daily, through these meditation and yoga practices I dive into on waking.

Most humans are so caught up in their own problems they think little of the problems of others. This is why bloggers complain of writer’s block, or not having any blog post ideas.

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The aware, compassionate blogger easily sees and records problems.

I could write 50 posts daily based on the problems of bloggers, if I spent 15 hours daily writing just 3 posts an hour. Toss in an extra 5 during the next 2 hours and physically, I am capable of this. Honest to goodness. I just spot problems and have practiced writing millions of words so a 600 word posts happens as habitually as me brushing my teeth. Easy peasy, because I spent the past decade of my life practicing my writing.

But no blogger should have any struggles connecting the dots if they expand their awareness, become an observer, know where to look and practice creating helpful content.

Practice Creating

Write 1000 words daily in a Word document. For practice.

Or begin with 500 if 1000 feels daunting.

Connecting the problem with a content-solution requires you to practice creating content every single day.

This is the most uncomfortable part of the journey for most bloggers, who’d love to cash in on their blogs but have no desire to actually practice writing to develop the skills that net profits.

Perish the thought, right? How dare I ask you to practice writing to become a skilled, successful, prospering blogger, eh?

Joking of course but to:

  • Observe a problem
  • Create a solution to the problem
  • Package the solution in a blog post, eBook, course or medium of your choice

you’ll need to practice creating content.

Blogging eBook

Click this link:

How to Turn Harsh Blogging Criticism into Sweet Blogging Profits: 11 Tips

I wrote an eBook linking criticism problem to profitable solution based on my personal experience and observation.

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Most bloggers either go into a shell or fight critics after receiving criticism, prolonging struggles and resulting in failure, or muted success.

Successful, happy bloggers either ignore harsh critics or convert the criticism into something beneficial for them and their readers.

I wrote an entire eBook on the topic.

If I can connect the blogging dots with a full eBook you can develop churn out a blog post or 3 based on observing problems and crafting solutions to these issues.

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