Are You Sick of Tire Kickers?

Having tire kicker readers feels frustrating, agitating, maddening and annoying.

Nobody buys. All want freebies. People discuss payment plans for a $15 eBook. Yes. This happened to me once. Someone wanted to buy a $15 eBook of mine through a payment plan, based on installments.

I filmed a video in New Zealand today diving into a painful but freeing concept related to tire kicker readers.

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I linked to one of my energy raising eBooks via the video because tire kicker issues sprout from your energy. If your readership cannot afford to buy a gum wrapper their vibe has all to do with you and nothing to do with them.

Sobering, right? Feels easy to blame folks for being cheap, losers or some other nasty label but in reality, your tire kicker readers reflect your dominant vibe to you. Simple mirror for your dominant thoughts, or for your dominant feelings.

How to Change Your Course

If you want to align with prospering, fun-loving readers who buy your courses, hire you, help you, share your content and become brand advocates, the way to do it is to clear your fears and pain to vibe from a fun-loving energy.

The prospering readers await for you after you clear fear-based, non-prospering energies. Clear the fear; joy, love and fun are left.

This involves the unpleasant but necessary process of feeling and releasing deep fears around money loss, loss of your good name aka reputation, loss of time, or any other deep fear bloggers cling to.

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The successful bloggers clear fear-vibes – from a dominant perspective – to blog mainly from love and fun, allowing fun-loving, prospering readers to flow to their blogs. Fun-loving, prospering folks afford courses, eBooks and services which works out nicely for you. Tire kickers exit stage left because you no longer vibe from the fear-based, lack and limitation, scarcity vibe adopted by most bloggers and all tire kickers.

The Challenge

Own that you cause tire kickers to pop up in your audience. Cheap people with money problems reflect your money problems back to you. Perfect mirror. When you face, embrace, feel and release money fears, the waves of tire tickers infesting your blog exit, leaving mainly prospering folks.

Do I Have Problems with Tire Kickers?


I recall having severe issues around money and spending it.

I have compassion for cheapies. I also know letting go folks with money fears was a necessary step on my journey to move up in blogging circles. As I released these folks, more prospering individuals came across my blog and partnered with me, bought my stuff or hired me.

You benefit the biggest number of folks who dig your blog by letting go cheapies to make room for prospering blogging friendships to develop. Release the money scared crowd to align with the prospering, successful crowd. This works out best for everybody.

The Upside

Connecting with empowered, successful bloggers feels more enjoyable, fulfilling and freeing than seeing fearful folks congregate around your blog.

No matter how successful you become you will see tire kickers stop by and kick the tires a few times on your products and services. Par for the course. But generally, most readers will be aligned with you and what you are doing blogging-wise, being ready and willing to buy your premium products and services now or at least in the very close future.

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Are you having issues with tire kickers on your blog?

Are you willing to do the inner work to release these folks in order to align with a more prospering blogging community?

Please share your thoughts in the comments field below.

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