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Perpetual Student Syndrome.

I filmed a quick video you can watch, enjoy and share now if you suffer from this blogging malady or know people who are having a tough time with this tendency.


Learn. Learn. Learn some more. Then study, study, learn, buy a course, study it, learn, and then, wait on the sidelines because you are not ready to begin blogging, you tell yourself.

Study a bit more. Get chuffed while watching your favorite blogging mentor share his thoughts or her thoughts during their Facebook Live video of the day. Awesome. Inspired. Helpful.

Take notes on that lesson. Study the notes. Rinse, wash, repeat tomorrow.

I hate to break it to you; like it or not, you are a Perpetual Blogger Student.

Teachers Earn

Teachers earn.

Bloggers who teach people how to solve problems or how to live their dreams – however each lesson applies to their specific niche – drive traffic and blogging profits. People do not follow perpetual students. People follow teachers.

I teach people how to build successful blogs based on a rock solid foundation of blogging mindset work and practical blogging tips. I learn. I teach. I study. I teach.

Bloggers need help. Bloggers do not need someone sitting on the blogging sidelines for months or even years, allowing themselves to be slapped around by their deepest fears.

You cannot succeed from the blogging sidelines.

You cannot build a full time blogging business from the Peanut Gallery.

Readers want help. So, help them.


Your deep fears create Perpetual Student Syndrome. Some fears around failing or being criticized or wasting your time are pretty much the Blogging Fear Holy Trinity. If you surrender to the fear, you become a Perpetual Blogging Student, taking notes, studying, learning, but freezing when it comes time to start blogging or to publish your first blog post or to publish your first guest post or to write and self-publish your first eBook.

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10 years ago I was terrified to write a blog post.

10 years later I have written and published thousands of blog posts during my blogging career.

3 years ago I was terrified to write eBooks. I had no idea how to do it. But I learned how to write and self-publish eBooks and within days I began a writing and self-publishing tear that resulted in me writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks (that’s the link to my eBooks to check them out).

How did I get past the fear of diving into blogging, full-bore, with both feet?

I felt the fear. I did it anyway.

I allowed my love of having fun and freeing myself and spreading love grow stronger than my fears.

This is a highly uncomfortable process that seems to weed out most bloggers, or most people in any entrepreneurial venture.

The few who sit with their fears, who feel these energies, and who allow their love of having fun and serving people to overcome the fear, these folks learn and teach immediately and see stunning success with their blogs.

These people are Perpetual Learners and Teachers; the teaching follows the learning, habitually.

If I learn something through observation I turn right around and write a guest post about it, usually here on this blog.

I mean….why not?

Why not learn, teach and succeed? People need helpers. They do not need scared, excuse-making, terrified bloggers who sit on the sidelines.

Step away from the crowd. Don’t allow your fears to infect your mind with Perpetual Student Syndrome.

Learn. Teach. Earn.

Learn. Help. Succeed.

Your Turn

Have you ever suffered from Perpetual Student Syndrome?

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What is your prescription for this blogging malady?

How are you conquering your blogging fears?

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