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Arteric Shares Case Studies with Life Science Leaders, Illustrating Methods to Increase the Relevance and Authority of Brand Content.

Arteric Explores Current Uses of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Accelerate Digital NPP Engagement for Biotechnology and OTC Brands

Summit, NJ, March 14, 2019 –(– Brands are failing to effectively engage their customers.

Half of B2C consumers reported that brands could do a better job of engaging them. Irrelevant brand content is a major issue – 51% of B2C consumers and 34% of B2B consumers state that brands send them too much immaterial collateral. Given that 98% of organizations apply a documented, well-defined engagement strategy, these failures indicate that marketers must improve their targeting strategy.[1]

These issues were addressed on March 7 at the Future of Customer Engagement, which is part of Arsenal Advisors’ Life Science Leader Summit (LS2) series of conferences. This gathering was held at the Harvard Club, located on the Harvard Medical School campus. Attendees included marketing executives from device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies. The thought leaders who executed the conference’s agenda included Arteric President and Chief Strategist Hans Kaspersetz, who shared how Arteric leverages AI to identify unmet audience needs and other insights that are invisible to conventional market research.

In his presentation “AI — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers. Detecting Weak-but-Important Signals of Customer Behavior,” Mr. Kaspersetz discussed the evolving digital challenges that marketers face while sharing anecdotes from his exploration projects and the results from the practical applications of AI in 2 case studies.

The first case study describes how a blockbuster prescription brand uncovered multiple opportunities to more effectively connect with its target audience and tell a richer story. As a result, organic growth increased 202% year over year.

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In the second case study, AI-analysis of more than 250,000 customer searches enabled a leading OTC cold, cough, and allergy brand to identify a new audience demographic. The insights contributed to the brand exceeding its business goals for 2 years running.

The Future of Customer Engagement provided for exceptional levels of meaningful and transformational dialogue. As Mr. Kaspersetz described, “The discussions were remarkable for their depth of thought and for the breadth of industry expertise. The sessions’ roundtable format inspired conversations that contextualized how we connect with patients, payers, and healthcare professionals in ways that would have been impossible in the recent past.”

Frank Dolan, CEO of Arsenal Advisors, discussed the impact of Mr. Kaspersetz’s session. “Interest in artificial intelligence as a tool to enhance the quality and the duration of audience experience with a brand has reached a fever pitch in the life science industry. Every leader is obsessing over two challenges: rethinking the tools and techniques that their campaigns have utilized to date, and how to discover and evaluate new ways to fulfill their mission to serve patients. We were excited to have Hans join an elite group of life science executives at the Harvard Club to lead us through a robust discussion on the future of customer engagement.”

The role of AI in developing marketing strategy is increasing. As Mr. Kaspersetz explained, “AI is steadily moving from the fringes of campaign practice toward the center. What’s lagging is guidance on when and how to apply AI. By leveraging AI since 2016, Arteric’s strategy team identified (1) the criteria that make business problems appropriate for an AI solution and (2) the elements of success for marketing teams. The beauty of participating at an LS2 event is that the audience provides perspective that enhances Arteric’s focus and creates a new context for all attendees. Frank is an exceptional organizer who consistently gathers a world-class group of thought leaders. It’s among the reasons why I’m grateful to partner with Frank Dolan and Arsenal Advisors. I look forward to contributing at future events.”

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[1.] The State of Engagement. 2017. San Mateo, CA: Marketo.

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