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Telcos have made great strides in their digital transformations. One of the most pivotal changes has been the incorporation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Imagine how much data telcos have at their fingertips. It’s actually quite unimaginable. It would take people hundreds, maybe thousands, of years to sift through a day of data. Artificial intelligence allows app operators to accelerate their digital transformation and further automate their business. 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can provide significant benefits to app operators in three broad areas. One—network access and maintenance of the ram, two—service assurance applications to increase effectiveness of network monitoring, and three—customer care and customer experience. 

First, network access and ram maintenance is imperative to customer retention. Consider this fact—video now makes up about 70% of network traffic, that is a whopping portion of customer usage. It’s imperative that AI is applied to radio access networks so operators can improve the quality of service and quality of experience. Operators can ingest customer data, such as network performance, to improve network quality. Operators will be able to quickly determine and diagnose congestion difficulties and immediately remediate those difficulties in real time.

Second, service assurance is another area where machine learning and artificial intelligence is playing a critical role. The necessity for the operator to prevent network degradation and outage cannot be overstated. Operators are increasingly incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to be more preemptive in managing large corporate networks. Replacing the legacy applications that once detected deterioration will help to identify and troubleshoot the root cause of an outage quicker and more effectively.

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Third, customer service is an area where artificial intelligence assists operators in call center efficiency. Intelligent chatbots reduce customer wait times and direct them to the appropriate resource quicker and more efficiently, resulting in happier customers. These AI bots have proven significant in driving customer retention and incremental revenue within the call center space.

More recently, ML/AI techniques and applications have been applied to customer touch points across a digital journey. These applications collect vast amounts of data across multiple data silos and allow the operator to unify a single 360 degree view of their customer. With full view of their customers, artificial intelligence can assist operators in guiding next best steps for customers across a digital journey. 

Globally, there is minimal projected subscriber growth and the network experience will be difficult to differentiate across operators. Operators must focus on protecting and maintaining their customer base in order to remain competitive. Smart operators are using ML/AI to better understand customer behavior and to build frictionless touchpoints in customer journeys. These operators are prescriptive with service offerings that are both useful and meaningful for the customer and increase app revenue.  

Localytics leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable meaningful interactions with customers across their digital journeys. Our technology enables enterprises to transform customer data into meaningful, insightful, and proactive customer engagements. 

One Localytics customer (with more than 10 customer-facing applications) is collecting more than 3 billion data points per month of customer behavior and contextual information. This primary data or “digital intelligence” is used to drive specific business outcomes like:

  • 30% conversion rate for a streaming service
  • $21 million dollars revenue for cloud print service
  • $4–5 million dollars in incremental revenue from “video played” events
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Localytics customers obtain these business outcomes because every engagement is built on an ML/AI platform that creates a digital intelligence to provide a deeper, more personalized  relationship.

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