ASA Outlaws Casumo Advert Targeting Problem Gamblers

The ASA has outlawed an advert on Casumo’s online casino for targeting people who searched “How to unsubscribe from all gambling” on their google browser.

According to the ASA, anyone who searched “How to unsubscribe from all gambling” was looking for ways to quit gambling. ASA stated that they considered these consumers consisted of people who were seeking ways to restrict their times on gambling sites and adverts.

The ASA also stated that based on the advertising code, marketing communication from gambling activities should be concerned about protecting the rights of vulnerable people and ensure that they are not exploited.

The ASA instructed Casumo to ensure that their advert is not used and that future adverts are used responsibly.

The ASA requires that every advertiser complies with local regulations, laws and cap codes. Google, through its spokesperson, issues a statement saying that they will continue to abide by the ASA’s requirements and that they will continue to assess their system to guarantee that it is current and relevant.

Casumo also issues their statement saying that they are fully engaged with the ASA throughout the whole process. The spokesperson added that Casumo’s position is clear, as was presented in a publication in response to the demands made by the ASA.

The firm adopted the requirements of the ASA by ensuring that words and phrases that ought not be included their search engine optimization are never used in future.


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