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Autologue will be sharing four new eCommerce products with AAPEX attendees.

1. Win the Day Dashboard

Imagine, every morning the owner/manager/CEO can view yesterday’s operations at a glance.

By utilizing its business intelligence module, known as AutoCube, Autologue has developed an interactive, cloud-based reporting tool that presents a snapshot view of the user’s company as of the close of business the previous day. This tool will include store sales and profit, sales-by-product group, counter staff sales by employee, sales by customer and sales by outside salesperson, including historical comparisons for each. Store profit will factor overhead to show an accurate net profit for the previous day.

2. eCounterSales with Incentive

This will empower counter personnel to be “super salespeople” by providing the opportunity to view their sales performance using user definable goals including sales, profit, new returns, number of line items and average line items per invoice. Most importantly they can see, on a daily basis, their award/incentive dollars that they will receive at the end of the month. With easy-to-read graphs, they can visualize the benefit to them by increasing things like average line items (upselling), and see the actual effect it has on their award. New returns will emphasize the counterperson’s ability to sell the right part the first time by showing a lower percentage of returns in this graph. The bottom line is this: it will guarantee a substantial increase in sales and profit using incentives for the counter staff, said the company.

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3. ePartConnection for Retail, Online Sales

Retail customers can now buy parts online without having an established account, either from their PC directly from the website or using the new ePartMobile application (available for Android or IOS). They can look up parts using an advanced year, make and model catalog, or they can choose parts from a catalog you create, to sell items not usually found in an application catalog, such as accessories, lubricants, tools, chemicals, etc. using an intelligent search engine, making items easy to find. Many jobbers/distributors are using this model to offer an option to “Buy Online and pickup at the store,” or to even have the parts delivered using their own delivery vehicles, to local customers.

4. WIPIT (Web Internet Presence in Total) Digital Marketing

WIPIT is a complete digital marketing solution designed to
generate more business using all the modern advantages of the Internet. This
amazing product will include the following :

  • Customized, selling website
  • Social media campaigns
  • Monthly eBlast campaigns
  • In-Store notifications on mobile devices (pop ups on customers’ cell phones when entering or leaving the store)
  • Push notifications (messages sent periodically)
  • Interactive owner dashboard showing website performance
  • Online ordering
  • Order online and pickup at the store or have the parts delivered
  • Search engine optimization (drive people to your website)
  • Pay-per-click Google ads
  • “Google My Business” (information about your store at the top of searches)

WIPIT is designed to help the business owner “Own Their Zone.”  In other words, make sure all your local customers know WHO you are, WHERE you are and WHAT you have to offer, and can take advantage of specials, coupons, discounts, etc.  WIPIT will appeal to both retail and wholesale customers alike.

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Autologue has assembled a team of highly professional implementers, well versed in all the aspects of a new, modern marketing platform. They can assist users to make the most use of these valuable tools, said the company.

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