Average Landing page conversion rates for Lead Generation

Chart of the Day: Cross-industry benchmarks for B2B services, Travel, Healthcare, Legal and Education sectors

‘What does good like?’ ‘How do we compare?’ are common questions when businesses are reviewing their conversion rates. It’s useful to have conversion statistics to compare your conversion rates against if you’re serious about CRO (conversion rate optimisation).

If you work for a transactional Ecommerce business,  a good range of sources for retail conversion rates statistics are available, as my regularly updated compilation shows. Yet, if you work for a B2B business or in other sectors like travel and healthcare there are fewer sources.

So, it was good to see this new research from Unbounce giving lead conversion rates by industry particularly since it’s based on real-data of conversion rather than reported data which is more common for B2B and other sector.

The chart shows wide variation within and between sectors with some businesses achieving lead generation conversion rates much higher than the media.  So, to compare against your rates it’s best to look at the media rates which vary between 2.8% and 6%.

I recommend downloading the report if you work in one of these industries since it’s an extensive 60% report with more details on the impact of copy length and style plus practical recommendations. However I was hoping to see a breakdown of conversion rates by traffic source since it would be interesting to compare average AdWords conversion to social media conversion, for example.


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