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Aviation Business Consultants International (ABCI) presents three winning aviation marketing campaigns to try in 2019. These marketing strategies are applicable to aviation companies such as flight schools, charter companies, component manufacturers, and service providers. ABCI is a marketing consulting company based in Utah and specializes in helping aviation companies run performance-based, results-oriented, and measurable marketing systems. These are very different from the traditional, expensive, and wasteful “brand based” advertising widely used by the industry.

“The landscape of the aviation industry has changed dramatically,” explains Paula Williams, the President of ABCI. The industry was one of the most hit during the massive financial recession in 2008. It was also hit by a public perception crisis as a result. As sales and revenues went down, aviation corporations were criticized for corporate greed and excess, further aggravating the industry’s woes. Strangely though, the aviation companies continued to operate their marketing efforts the same way. Glossy “brand based” advertising like costly magazine placements and expensive trade shows were still utilized despite the need for better marketing accountability and methods. The same old thinking caused a lot of companies big losses and employee lay-offs, with some closing up shop. On the other end were companies doing away with marketing activities altogether, for the sake of cost-cutting. This just compounded their problem of sinking sales and revenue. “Both extremes were disastrous for the industry and played a big role for the down trend that plagued the industry. Using ineffective, old-fashioned marketing activities is just as bad as using no marketing at all. And it showed in a lot of the companies’ bottom line,” Paula added.

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In response to the growing inefficiencies in aviation marketing, ABCI came up with new, updated to the times aviation marketing services. With the company’s Aviation Sales and Marketing Lab, which provides custom consultancy that would replace “random acts of marketing” with proven scientific and disciplined marketing activities. These include components of inbound, content, and direct response marketing that are far more cost-effective than the traditional “brand based” advertising. “Aside from the Aviation Lab, we also have the Master Class which is a consortium of aviation sales and marketing professionals all working together to share what works in this volatile aviation market. And we are proud to have helped a lot of aviation companies sell their products and services using these methods,” according to ABCI Chairman John Williams. In a bid to be even more effective, the company has partnered with several institutions who are experts in their respective fields like the Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle, an innovative marketing group specializing in “Magnetic Marketing”. They also work with Sandler Sales, the leader in low-key but effective business-to-business sales training and systems. And finally Infusionsoft which has the best customer relationship management (CRM) system for small and medium-sized businesses. These partnerships serve to benefit marketing efforts of ABCI’s clients and more importantly, improve their bottom line. This is all in line with the ABCI’s mission of making business aviation profitable again, one company at a time.

ABCI has had a number of clients in the realm of aviation. From training and certification providers AeroStar Training Services and HighTop Company, design and manufacturing firms like Advanced Composite Engineering, to software and scheduling companies such as Flight Schedule Pro and V-Log Aircraft Digital Logbooks. These companies have all benefited from ABCI’s effective aviation marketing consulting methods. “Even our first clients in our earliest days, Dallas Jet International, AeroStar Training Services, and Special Services Corporation, were surprised by the number of inbound leads they were getting,” said Williams. ABCI believes their marketing campaigns can benefit a lot more aviation companies in the coming year. And they have planned the best business-building strategies and revenue-generating ideas designed to gain maximum impact. These campaign methods, although relatively new in aviation, are proven and is used extensively in other industries like finance and education. ABCI is the only company in the aviation industry to fully offer the whole array of marketing services required in the modern era.

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Aviation companies struggling with new marketing initiatives are encouraged to reach out to ABCI. Depending on the needs of the client, they can offer innovative solutions such as website development and implementation, search engine optimization, email marketing, books, articles, press releases, trade show appearances and more.


For more information about Aviation Business Consultants Intl. (ABCI) , contact the company here:

Aviation Business Consultants Intl. (ABCI)
Paula Williams
[email protected]
1288 East 850 North
Tooele UT 84074

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