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QR Codes Offer Convenience, Choice, and Enjoyment When Giving Feedback

A well-known automotive manufacturer, and MaritzCX client, was interested in giving its customers and employees a convenient choice for solicited feedback. The client was open to innovative technologies and methods that made surveys easier to access and more exciting to complete. The company’s goal was to maximize response rates, while providing an enjoyable and choice experience for its customers.

Implementing QR Codes in Three Separate CX Programs

After assessing the best programs to target within the organization, the automotive manufacturer sought the help of MaritzCX to implement QR code invitations for three of the company’s ongoing CX programs: the body shop satisfaction survey, pre- and post-transactional surveys, and the employee engagement program.

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  1. The Body Shop Satisfaction Survey – QR codes were placed on the point of sale material for 180 locations that specialized in automotive body work. The program aimed to improve the organization’s customer experience as it related to work happening on customers’ cars.
  2. Pre- and Post-Transactional Surveys – QR codes were placed on mail surveys to supplement the online survey option. This program gauged the organization’s sales and post-sales experience to identify potential areas for improvement and opportunities for retention.
  3. Employee Engagement Surveys – Finally, QR codes were placed on the company’s voice of the employee surveys. The QR codes were featured on posters throughout the organization and additional internal material to supplement the online employee survey invitations.

An Increase in Response Rates

The automotive manufacturer experience significant increases in response rates as a result of the QR code placement. The body shop satisfaction program tripled its response rates over the course of a year. The pre- and post-transactional surveys saw a general increase in the overall response rate. The employee engagement program was not alone either. The employee program saw a 50% increase in the overall response rate across all feedback channels. The increase in responses for each of the three programs was more than past surveys which used mail surveys as the primary channel for data collection.

QR Codes Draw the Customer’s Attention

The use of QR codes in this client’s program drew customer attention to the survey invitations being deployed across the organization. This provided the research team more responses and greater feedback that represented a larger population. This improvement allowed the company to improve the customer experience and drive greater value through its surveys.

If your organization is experiencing low response rates or representation from a single segment in your target market, start assessing the various channels and technologies that your target market engages with, and begin testing new methods for feedback collection.

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