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When we say hoverboard, your mind may think of Back to the Future. A skateboard looking contraption that floats instead of rolling across the ground. Those hoverboards don’t exist, unfortunately, but there are plenty of hoverboards that allow you to get from point a to point b quickly and easily, and some of them even let you play music while you do. These are our picks for the hoverboards you don’t want to miss.

Staff Pick

There are plenty of different hoverboards out there, but many of them are only available in white or black. The FLYING-ANT Hoverboard has a variety of different colors to choose from, including green, blue, and even a graffiti purple design. You can connect your music app of choice to the hoverboard using Bluetooth from your phone, and it has lights that make it easy to see even if you’re riding at night. Since this model is self-balancing, you also have a smaller chance of falling off and hurting yourself while you’re getting the hang of the controls.

$123 at Amazon

If your child is asking for a Hoverboard, you might be concerned about spending hundreds of dollars on a toy that barely gets used. The Felimods Self Balancing Hoverboard is an option that is friendly for both your kids and your wallet. This option makes it easy for kids to learn without getting hurt, has bright LEDs to show off, and is the most affordable option available right now.

$113 at Amazon

Items like hoverboards often have weight limits, and if you’re on the heavier side, it can be challenging to find one that can accommodate you. The Swagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 isn’t just an offroad hoverboard, and it is also built to carry up to 420 pounds. It can deal with 30 degrees of incline, and it’s heavy-duty wheels mean that grass, gravel, and even mud, are easy to drive over and through. This model has a range of 12 miles and can travel up to 12 miles an hour, making it an excellent option for getting around.

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$379 at Amazon

Not every hoverboard looks just the same or has the same features. You may find one that you like, but it lacks features you want, or you’re looking for a pared-down option that still looks awesome. The SISIGAD Hoverboard line gives you tons of options at a variety of price points. You get get a super affordable option with no Bluetooth or go all out and get a solid hoverboard, Bluetooth connectivity, and excellent LED lights to flash as you ride. These hoverboards also come in a wider variety of colors than many competitors with white, black, green, blue, and more!

$153 at Amazon

While it’s easy to ride a hoverboard across smooth asphalt, you might want to take a shortcut across a field or need to traverse gravel to get where you’re going. In these cases, a standard hoverboard would need to be picked up until you’re back to the pavement again. The Magic Hoover Hoverboard offers up another option: larger wheels let you take your hoverboard off-road to wherever you want to go. These tires are 8.5 inches, which gives them better traction, and the hoverboard itself can roll at up to 9.5 miles an hour.

$254 at Amazon

Keep your Balance

Hoverboards might not be the most practical way to get around, but let’s face it. They are a lot of fun. Every model that we’ve suggested here will deliver a top-notch experience for adults or kids. Whether you’re experienced with these contraptions or you’ve never ridden one before, these options will let you enjoy yourself. While each one is excellent, the best of the best is the FLYING-ANT Hoverboard. It’s relatively affordable, comes in several different colors, and offers up Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to your tunes as you ride.

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If the price isn’t a problem, then we suggest the Magic Hoover Hoverboard since it’s larger wheels means it can go off-road. It also has Bluetooth connectivity to play music or podcasts and has modes for children and adults as they get used to the controls.

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