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Packing the wrong sleeping bag on an outing can mean the difference between a peaceful night’s rest and hypothermia. I spend two-thirds of my year on the road, sleeping bag tied to a backpack. My sleeping bag of choice is the Active Era M300. I love this bag for its drawstring mummy hood and packability. This isn’t the only bag I use. I’ve tested and rounded up the best bags for any occasion, and here they are.

Best Overall: Active Era M300

active era m300

The Professional 300 from Active Era is a mummy-style sleep system that manages to pull off being luxurious and durable. Stuffed with 300 grams per square metre of Holfaser fibre fill, this a lightweight bag with considerable insulation for chilly nights.

The outer shell is 190T polyester, and it breathes well on warmer evenings, never trapping moisture inside next to your skin. On cooler nights you’ll appreciate double zipper system with windproof draft linings that prevent cold air from finding a way inside. An internal drawstring collar that transforms into a hood also helps to keep drafts out and warmth in.

I love the valuables pouch inside this model. It has a Velcro closure and is sized for your mobile phone or a torch. This bag is rated for 3-4 season camping, and promises to keep you comfortable when temps dip down to -10. It is warm, but there’s not enough padding under the bag to keep ground temps from adding a chill when temps go negative. I recommend a sleeping pad for camping outings in cold weather. Of all the bags I’ve tested, this remains my top pick. It’s affordable, expertly-constructed, and does a fantastic job of preventing drafts from slipping inside.


  • Excellent durability
  • Warm enough for four seasons
  • Machine washable
  • 300 GSM fill
  • Built-in hood


  • Light on underside padding

Best Overall

active era m300 render cropped

Active Era M300

A toasty bag for year-round use

This a mummy-style bag complete with a hood and zippers made to keep cold winds out. It’s terrific for 3-4 season car camping.

Best Value: Milestone Camping 150 Envelope

milestone camping lifestyle

When every pound counts, the MileStone Camping 150 delivers on value and quality. This sleeping bag is a little wider thanks to its rectangular envelope shape. That means you can roll over without getting stuck in the bag and stretch out a bit. Lovely!

This two-season sleep system is filled with 150 grams per square metre of hollow fibre. The stuffing keeps the bag lightweight while also providing enough insulation for summer outings. Paired with cotton liner, this model could also work for late spring or early autumn, but it’s too thin to do the job on its own during those months.

For caravan use, sleepovers, or warm weather camping, the Milestone Camping 150 is a feathery-light bag you won’t mind carrying in a backpack or its cinch sack. And you just can’t beat the price!


  • Affordable
  • 150 GSM fill
  • Includes carry sack
  • Roomy

Best Value

milestone camping render cropped

Milestone Camping 150 Envelope

A cheap summer bag

For car, caravanning or warm weather camping, this envelope-shaped bag is roomy, lightweight, and comfortable.

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Best for Cold Weather: Hyke & Byke Snowmass

hyke and byke lifesstyle

When temperatures drop, it’s the Hyke & Byke Snowmass you want to crawl inside each night. This bag is space and weight saving in its ultralight construction but filled with enough insulation to keep you toasty warm down to -15.

Microscopic air clusters and down feathers work together in this bag to trap body heat but not moisture, so you stay dry and warm all night. The large foot box is this mummy-style bag makes it easier to turn over while sleeping and to find a comfortable position. There’s even enough room in the bag for your favourite fleece blanket if you feel you need a little something extra.

This sleeping bag isn’t a budget sleep system, and its price reflects that. It does come with a lifetime guarantee, which I think offsets the cost. For outdoor adventures like hiking and winter camping, this is the bag you can rely on to stand up to your adventures.


  • Works well down to -15
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Comfortable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Large foot box

Best for Cold Weather

hyke and byke render cropped

Hyke & Byke Snowmass

Keep body temps up when temps dip low

Available in five colours, the Snowmass is an adventure bag that’s perfect for backpacking and cold temperatures.

Best for Kids: Mountain Warehouse Basecamp 200 Mini

mountain warehouse lifestyle

It’s a challenge to find a sleeping bag for children that will work just as well on a camping trip as it does during a sleepover. Mountain Warehouse Basecamp Mini is the one bag I trust to keep little ones warm. Whether kids are cuddling by an indoor fire and watching the telly with friends or camped out in the moors with the family, this roomy sleeping bag is just right.

This is a two-season bag that comes in three colour choices. An included carry bag makes storage and transportation easier for kids. Ideal for warm nights down to 6 degrees, the polyester fill in this bag is equally dispersed and provides a fluffy cushion on the underside, a feature missing from most lightweight models. The interior is soft against the skin, and there’s enough room in the bag for children of all sizes to spread out and get comfortable.

The no-frills offering from Mountain Warehouse is an affordable, fundamental bag that’s fitting for summer camping, sleepovers, or evenings in the caravan. And its small size and the included cinch sack make it possible for kids to haul their own gear.


  • Warm down to 6 degrees
  • Great construction
  • Machine washable
  • Roomy

Best for Kids

mountain warehouse lifestyle

Mountain Warehouse Basecamp 200 Mini

The one for summer camping or sleepovers

A bag that has just enough insulation for summer camping, caravanning, or sleepovers at an agreeable price.

Best Big & Tall: XL Highlander Sleephaven

highlander xl lifestyle

A sleeping bag can make any bloke feel downright claustrophobic if they’re even a smidge wider or taller than what’s considered average. If this sounds familiar, the Highlander’s XL bag is the one for you.

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The inner lining is soft and warm, and anti-snag zippers move freely. The bag is roomy, giving you more than enough space to turn over and reposition yourself. It’s not a winter model though, or even one for chilly fall nights. Filled with 250 hollow fibre, this is rated down to 3 degrees. You may be shivering long before then though unless you’ve dressed in layers.

The stuff sack with this sleeping pod is fantastic! It’s no trouble at all to pull it out of the bag or push it back in. A rarity! Available in three colours, this is a superb warm weather bag for those who find other sleep systems too confining.


  • Extra-wide and wide
  • Warm down to 3 degrees
  • Anti-snag zippers
  • Packs down easily
  • Good value

Best Big & Tall

highlander xl render cropped

XL Highlander Sleephaven

A warm-weather bag that fits

If you find average-sized bags too snug, the XL Highlander Sleephaven is for you. It’s long, wide, and perfect for summer.

Best for Two: Restone Double

redstone double lifestyle

Gone are the days of needing to zip individual sleeping bags together to get some shuteye with the one you love. The Redstone XL Double Bag is one giant sleeping bag that gives two people room to move and sleep.

With two layers of 400 grams per metre filling, you’ll sleep soundly in temperatures as low as -5 degrees. A water-resistant exterior keeps moisture from accumulating in your bag, even on foggy, damp mornings.

This sleeping bag has a drawstring draft collar, chest storage pockets, and it can be zipped apart into two bags when needed. If you need more room to breathe and move but still want to snuggle up, this is the sleep system for you.


  • Machine washable
  • Plenty of space for two
  • Can be zipped apart into two bags
  • Warm down to -5


  • Not suitable for winter camping

Best for Two

redstone double render cropped

Restone Double

Room for two

This is a nice, big sleeping bag that’s perfect for couples in spring, summer, or early fall.

Bottom line

Whether you’re on holiday in a tent in the forest or need something to keep you warm while caravanning, the Active Era M300 is the sleeping bag at the top of my shortlist of favourites.

The mummy styling lets you tuck yourself in to keep warm on chilly evenings, and the drawstring collar pulls a hood over your head and locks in body heat. The polyester exterior is breathable, so on warmer nights, you won’t find yourself overheating.

There’s minimal padding on the underside of this bag, so I recommend a sleeping pad if you’re tenting in cool weather. If you’re caravanning, this won’t be an issue. This is the best all-around sleeping bag available today. It’s warm, made to stand up to challenging weather, and it won’t break the bank.

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