Best Way To Clone Your Mac OS

DoYourClone is a hard-drive-based clone software for Mac users. There are only a few Clone Software available on the market for Mac systems and most of them are not reliable. They are very expensive and lacks a lot of things.

DoYourClone for Mac is here to help you with copying your Mac’s hard drive and files with a single click. This is one of the best clone software available in the market which is designed to copy multiple files and drives of Mac systems with one click.


The purpose of this software is copying and creating a disk image of a hard drive. You can easily create a copy and can share it to other PC system or keep it as a copy of files. This software is designed to work with all the versions of Mac. It is also compatible with the latest macOS version I.e. macOS Catalina.

Cloning Modes

This disk clone software for Mac is designed for the new generation mac users to make the cloning process easier and hassle-free. The software comes with two different disk clone modes, Copy Hard Drive and Create Disk Image. Depending on your needs, you can select the suitable mode to copy the data of your Mac system.

1. Copy Hard Drive

Copy Hard Drive is a simple File Clone Mode allowing users to copy the data and files of one hard drive to the other. You can copy the entire hard drive or can select files from the drive as per your needs. You can select the copy location for the files. There is an option to select the entire hard drive or selective files from the drive.

copy disk

source drive

Once you select the option, you will be able to copy the files as per your needs. Make sure to select the desired location to store the copied files.

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2. Create Disk Image

You can also create a disk image of the files to share it anywhere you want in.Zip or.DMG file. You can select the files and drives of your Mac system or any other external drive attached to your Mac system. You will be able to create a disk image quickly.

create disk image

Once you select the Create Disk Image option from the software, you will see two different options to choose the output format with Make DMG and Make Zip. Depending on your needs, you can select the suitable option. Once done, click on to the Copy button to start the cloning process.

How does DoYourClone Software Work? 

The software serves a decent interface where you can copy hard drive data and create a disk image with a few clicks.

Upon launching the software, you will be presented with two different modes of copying the data. You just need to select the suitable mode and required file format to take a backup of your Mac system’s hard drive. You can also create a quick disk image by selecting the Disk Image mode.


Once done, you can visit the selected folder to view the cloned files of your system. It is a safe and powerful Mac Disk Clone Software which has over 200,000 happy users across the globe.

DoYourClone is an excellent software to take a backup of your entire Mac system at ease. To avoid data loss, it is essential for you to take regular backup and this software is there to help you with it. Let’s check out some useful features of this software.

Key Features: 

  1. Disk Clone
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This software provides the safest way to copy and store your hard drive data from one location to another. You can simply select the hard drive and the location of copied files to keep the stored files to the desired location. All the files will be secured and there will be no data loss.

  1. Backup Data

You can take a backup of your macOS’ drive such as documents, photos, files, videos and operating system. Everything will be backed up securely with its instant backup tool. Just copy the files and folders regularly and keep them at a safe place. You can even keep the copied files to an external hard drive.

  1. Duplicate Hard Drive

Duplicate Hard Drive is nothing but a creating a disk image of your hard drive. You can easily create a disk image of your Mac’s hard drive which can be stored on any other PC system. You will be able to access all the files, folders and photos from the disk image from a different computer.

  1. Prevent Data Loss

Most backup and cloning software are not secure enough and there’s always a chance of data loss while creating a disk image of your Mac’s hard drive. This software is designed with the advanced technology which prevents data loss while copying the data of a hard drive or creating an image.

Final Words: 

DoYourClone for Mac is an excellent Mac Clone Software which is designed for all types of users. The software lets anyone create an instant disk image and copy hard drives and selected files to a different location on the same system. The software is free to use with its trial version. It’s the best clone software for Mac users, you must give it a try!

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