Bitly Named a Leader in G2’s Spring 2020 Grid Report - Bitly

Bitly Named a Leader in G2’s Spring 2020 Grid Report – Bitly

Bitly’s mission is to educate the world about how links drive business results.

One important component of our link management platform is link shortening. Can you imagine our delight when we learned we were named a leading URL shortener in G2’s Spring 2020 report? 

G2 is the world’s largest tech marketplace. Its Spring Report represents the democratic voice of real software users and it rates products from the URL Shortener category algorithmically using verified product reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks. 

We’re a leading URL shortener thanks to you, our customers and users who “reach” for Bitly whenever you need to create powerful short links.

You, the digital marketers, customer support professionals, HR teams, influencers, developers, educators (and many more!) who have chosen Bitly for your link management needs. Thank you. Our whole team is proud to play a role in helping you and your business succeed.

Source: G2 Spring 2020 Report

Critical business initiatives need leading link management

Every day, we work with professionals and teams like yours to solve challenges using what we believe are critical business assets: Bitly links.

We show them how the link is more than a means to end, but an integral part of every single one of their communications. And we continue to show them this value—every day, month after month, quarter after quarter, and year after year. 

We love highlighting new ways customers can use Bitly to optimize their results. 

We’re here for you, whether you need to send out SMS service communications at scale, like our customers Specialized and Hermes Parcelnet; launch an influencer program and use world-class tools and analytics to measure its success; send personalized SMS marketing messages to your audience, like our customer AC Lens; send your clients unique links to appointment reminders; drive app installs and engagement; or build a strong and consistent brand across every channel and customer communication.

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Get started with Bitly today

Bitly is a complete link management platform with the tools, analytics and insights that can help you drive more impact with the work that you do. To our customers and avid Bitly users: we’re so grateful for your business. Being named a leading URL shortener would not only be impossible without you, it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding, either. 

If you’re looking for solutions to your businesses challenges, let’s get in touch. You can take a look at our plans here, or, for a customized solution, talk to our Sales team. They’re looking forward to chatting with you.

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