Wearable Face Projector
Photo credit: Jing-Cai Liu
Let’s face it, facial recognition systems will soon be installed just about everywhere for surveillance purposes, but those looking to defeat them might have to resort to extreme measures, such as this wearable face projector by Jing-Cai Liu. This invention is exactly as it sounds, or a headband of sorts equipped with a small projector that can distort your face instantly. Read more for a video demonstration and additional information.

On a lighter note, this technology could also be used to make some extra side income. For example, if you grant advertisers access to this facial data and also where you go on a daily basis, they could project advertisements directly in front of you or even on your face for others to see. Sure, this may sound like an invasion of privacy, but for some, they wouldn’t mind a quick buck.

In the future, the advertisement could call your name when you walk along the streets. The companies would know your personal interests and may set different retail strategies for you. It could be convenient for customers, but personal thoughts and opinions should be kept private. This product protects you from this privacy violation,” said Liu.