Blogging Elements for Success


There are many reasons why people decide to start blogging. Some people like to start blogging because they want to maintain an online diary. Others prefer to use it to document specific journeys (fitness, diet, etc). There are people who start a blog in order to build their own platform that attracts tons of readers and advertisers. If you’re in the latter group, know that this isn’t a selfish endeavor. You can use your experiences in order to get a message across, make money and connect with countless people. As you work through the blogging process, there are a few elements you’ll want to include in order to achieve the success you desire.

Free or Paid Blogging Platforms

There are tons of blogging platforms that you can choose from. Some of them are free platforms. Others involve payment. For some people, it’s easier to use a platform like Blogger because they don’t have to worry about web development features. There’s no monthly payment for hosting. However, you don’t get to fully customize the features on the website because it’s technically not your site. Sites like SquareSpace offer an upgrade in customization. Plus, they allow you to enjoy the benefits of e-commerce features if you’re setting up a shop on your site. However, you still have to pay a monthly fee. You also have to make sure your content is customized to their settings. You have more freedom since it’s a paid site. It’s just that you get even more freedom when you own your own site. With ownership, you’re responsible for the web development, design and more. You have to take care of installing templates, graphics and every other detail. For some bloggers, this is an exciting element. For many bloggers who aren’t familiar with tasks like coding and HTML, the thought of owning the website is too much to handle. You’ll have to develop a process that works best for you and your future needs.

Search Engine Optimization

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Whether you choose to use a free blogging platform or you decide to invest the money to build your own platform, search engine optimization is such an important asset to include. Take a look at which topics you’re discussing the most. Once you’re clear on what you want to talk about, do your research to find the best keywords. There are tools you can use to find keywords that will organically fit into your content. If you’re using a self-made site with your own hosting, make sure you use a widget like Yoast to help you with search engine optimization strategies. Yoast and similar programs will show you when your content is perfectly optimized for the search engines. You’ll want to use the keyword in different areas of the content. As you do this, you’ll be able to increase the likelihood of organic traffic in the future.

Marketing and Promotional Strategies

In addition to search engine optimization, always use social media platforms to help you attract the right audiences. You can choose to use the platform that you like the most. Just make sure that your target audience is found on that platform. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure you develop a strong understanding of the right times you should post your social media content. If you want to promote the blog correctly, make sure you post at the ideal times to gain the most visibility.


Collaborations are incredibly essential to experience growth. When you develop partnerships with other bloggers, you’ll be able to get your brand in front of new people. It’s a wise idea to develop collaborations and partnerships on a consistent basis. Always get into the habit of pitching various bloggers for partnerships. Most of the popular influencers and bloggers admit that their success was achieved through consistent collaborative efforts with other major influencers. As you get to a point where you’re gaining a lot of traction and visibility, you can develop brand deals and partnerships with major retailers in order to make money. Whether it’s a brand deal or a collaboration with a fellow blogger, you’ll want to ensure that your choices are authentic and reasonable. If you’re a woman who blogs about motherhood, reach out to do a collaboration with a fitness model. The fitness model can teach new mothers how to find a new normal after pregnancy. This is a collaboration that’s creative, beneficial and will introduce you both to new audiences. It doesn’t make sense for a mommy blogger to collaborate with a tire company. It’ll appear as though the collaboration is solely for money. You don’t want to develop that type of reputation with your followers. Your followers understand the need to make money. Just be authentic with your efforts.

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End Goals

You’ll want to be very clear on what your goals are for your blog. This will help you as you make various decisions. If your blog becomes successful, you can turn it into a business. Develop the business for a few years. Whenever you decide that you’re ready to stop, you can eventually sell it and profit. Since there are so many possibilities when you start a blog, consider them and develop your own goals.


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