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As reopening efforts continue around the world, business is finally seeing a return to semi-normalcy. With so many companies affected by the COVID-19, it has become frighteningly clear that in order for a business to thrive, it must be equipped with the best tools for the internet age. From accounting software to graphic assets, VB Deals has some of the hottest savings on these tools right now.

Introducing Zuitte, more than fifty tools that will undoubtedly improve the way your entrepreneurial efforts perform. Research all of your competitors, examine real customer analytics, and drive more sales from a single app that costs a fraction of the standalone apps you’re likely already using. From social media automation to finance and inventory management, Zuitte makes it easy to control your brand and ensure that it outperforms the competitors.Right now you can get a lifetime subscription to Zuitte for $199, just a fraction of its original price.

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Have you ever needed to display more than one link in your social media bios? The solution is here with Focal.Bio, a powerful link and landing page builder that allows you to string all of your social media accounts together. Create your landing page with custom links, products, videos, and more with Focal.Bio. A lifetime subscription is currently on sale for just $48.99, more than 80 percent off of retail price.

Email campaigns can flop for any number of reasons, but the primary culprit is old, fake, or abandoned email addresses. Make worrying about this a thing of the past with the mail checker tool. Truemail verifies each email address in real time and displays its status, be it valid, invalid, disposable, or unknown. Unlike most email checkers, Truemail includes user-friendly and accurate software great for less technical users. Get your lifetime subscription to for $99, a more than 90 percent discount.

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If a lot of your productivity is wasted on design, photo processing, and retouching, it’s time to pick up the Professional 70,000+ Graphic Asset bundle. As the name suggests, with this bundle you’ll receive more than 70,000 royalty-free resources including Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, backgrounds, fonts and more. Stop wasting precious time reinventing the wheel and pick up the Professional 70,000+ Graphic Asset bundle today, currently on sale for just $49.

There are few things in life more valuable than privacy and it seems that these days, privacy is ever difficult to maintain. Thankfully, Clocr is here to help with a lifetime subscription to their Secure Digital Vault. Built on a unique, proprietary, and patent-pending security platform, this vault is sure to keep all of your digital assets untouchable by anyone but you. Even share sensitive documents with family members or business partners in a few simple steps. Start protecting your files today for just $99.99, a savings of more than 90 percent.

Tired of wasting valuable time by putting in all the legwork on your marketing campaign? It’s time to broaden your audience and connect with your customers by using mPonics marketing automation system. mPonics is an easily navigable marketing automation platform which takes care of the simple things so you don’t have to worry about them. From CRM to email to social media, mPonics can automate it. A one-year subscription is currently on sale for only $9.99, a fraction of its original price.

Searching for an all-in-one accounting solution for your small business? Search no further than Invoice Crowd, a feature-rich, easy-to-learn online accounting and estimation platform designed for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Create compelling proposals, optimize your invoices, and automate payments from any modern browser, anywhere in the world. A lifetime subscription to Invoice Crowd is on sale right now for just $48.99.

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Many online shops run on WordPress, a powerful website builder capable of launching and growing brands from the ground up. However, to get the most out of WordPress, you have to have the right tools. Introducing WordPress Portal for business, a one-stop WordPress plugin that allows you to assign tasks, manage projects, communicate with team members, and even get paid online via Stripe and PayPal integration. Lifetime access to WordPress Portal is currently on sale for $99, a 90 percent discount.

JumpStory has over 25 million unique images, illustrations, vector icons, and even videos to make your next project as beautiful as you envisioned. These elements are all fully customizable within the Image Editor, allowing you to make the most of whichever images you choose. JumpStory also includes state-of-the-art AI features like Highjumper, a tool which can predict the impact of different images on your customer base. If you need an image, check out JumpStory. A lifetime subscription is currently on sale for $99.99, hundreds of dollars off of list price.

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