Bootstrapping Your Way to a Sellable Business with Laura Roeder of MeetEdgar (FS333)

Who are your online business heroes? Which businesses are doing this entrepreneurial thing brilliantly? Someone we look up to a lot is Laura Roeder, founder and CEO of MeetEdgar. Today we will be doing an inspirational deep dive on her path and philosophy behind bootstrapping her business and growing online!

There are so many ways to build the company that you have always wanted! Hearing from someone who has worked in this space and managed to achieve many of their own goals in their own unique and tailored way, can be such an affirming message for everyone out there pushing.

In this episode we talk about the benefits of bootstrapping your startup. We discuss finding your own way through money and hiring instead of relying solely on venture capital. Laura shares insight about how to keep in mind the idea of building a sellable business while creating something you believe in. Laura also gives us her thoughts on the role of social media for today’s entrepreneur!

Laura Roeder started out in the online space over ten years ago and since then has built information and software-based businesses, the most recent of which is MeetEdgar. The company was based on a method that she developed beforehand for streamlining and optimizing social media strategies and with the coding expertise of her partner, she turned this into software and a company!

We also talk about the integral roles of unique skills, personality, creativity in a startup, and the variables of the startup model. Laura busts a few myths along the way about things having to be done in a certain way! Get the full scoop on episode 333 of the Fizzle Show!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Laura’s early entrepreneurial experiences and how she got started around 2008. [0:02:34.6]
  • A quick introduction to MeetEdgar and the service that it provides. [0:07:01.2]
  • Amplifying your message on social media and doubling down on popular posts. [0:11:02.8]
  • Transitioning to a sellable business and understanding this journey [0:16:22.3]
  • The effect that making MeetEdgar a sellable business had on Laura’s relationship with it. [0:20:08.1]
  • Building a team to grow the business while bootstrapping your growth. [0:22:29.4]
  • Salaries and finding the funds to hire a team in the early stages of a business. [0:26:20.2]
  • Juggling family, personal time and the constraints of a new company. [0:30:50.7]
  • Laura’s own ambitions when starting MeetEdgar and focussing on operations. [0:37:38.5]
  • The place of social media in our businesses; how much space should it occupy? [0:42:45.8]
  • And much more!
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