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Buffalo Wild Wings is looking to capture the attention of lucrative customers attached to March Madness thanks to a new video and Snapchat campaign called ?We Do It For You.?

The campaign is fairly comprehensive, tackling its marketing through a variety of channels including unique Instagram Stories, Snapchat filters and video advertising. The campaign seeks to capitalize on the brand?s reputation for being the go-to restaurant chain when it comes to watching sports and letting the fun last all night.

?For years, fans have pointed a finger at Buffalo Wild Wings on social media when an unexplained event happens, a game goes into overtime or they want us to intervene in the outcome,? said Bob Ruhland, vice president of marketing for Buffalo Wild Wings. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

While many bars and restaurants are content to play sports on TVs situated throughout the location, few have embraced this identity as much as Buffalo Wild Wings.

The brand routinely runs campaigns heavily promoting the chain as the center for hanging out with friends, watching the game and having a few drinks and food.

Buffalo Wild Wings has had success running its campaign on the idea that it can help sustain a game, such as sending it into overtime, etc., in order to keep up the fun.

The latest marketing campaign from the brand sees them embracing this identity even more through a wide variety of channels all embracing the idea of ?We Do It For You.?

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First off, the brand is introducing a series of TV and digital video spots featuring this campaign.

Secondly, Buffalo Wild Wings is tackling social media through Instagram Stories that offer mobile video content as well as GIFs and images shared through the brand?s other social pages.

Finally, the brand is offering unique Snapchat filters related to the campaign at any of its locations, which encourage consumers to snap photos with them and share with friends.


All of this will be supported through a hashtag campaign with #HitTheButton ? a reference to the ad content?s depiction of buttons and devices to distract opposing players in order to prolong the game.

All of this marketing is aimed at tying into March Madness, which is raging full-on right now. Other brands tying their marketing campaigns to March Madness include Lexus and Pizza Hut.

The two brands teamed up with Yahoo Sports for a series of campaigns centered on mobile streams of March Madness basketball games (see story).

It is also not the first time that Buffalo Wild Wings has hitched itself to big sports events, such as its recent campaign alongside the Super Bowl.

Buffalo Wild Wings put on a flashy marketing campaign to bring Super Bowl viewers through its doors, calling on Super Bowl champion Brett Favre to participate in social and content efforts (see story).

?This year, we wanted to continue to extend this popular idea that Buffalo Wild Wings can make games more exciting and if our fans want something to happen ? from rallying their team from a deficit to leveling the playing field ? we would find a way to make that a reality,? Mr. Ruhland said.

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