Building a point-based backlink request tool. Is this against Google's rules? : marketing

Building a point-based backlink request tool. Is this against Google’s rules? : marketing

A discussion earlier on Reddit sparked the idea to build a point-based backlink request tool.

The big G is not a big fan of backlink exchanges and other link schemes (Source)

What if we had a tool for SEO-heads who are looking for additional backlinks and who are willing to link to other websites in their content.

Based on filters, you can find websites that fit your niche. You would then have the possibility to contact the site owner to add a link to your website.

To combat SPAM, I want to introduce a point system.

Requesting a backlink: Cost 1 point
Approving a backlink request: Gain 1 point
Your backlink request gets denied: You get your 1 point back.

I was also thinking about a level-based system where Domain Authority determines your level. Requesting a backlink on a website above your level would result in higher point costs while requesting a backlink below your level would result in a discount.

I see 2 benefits in this point system:

  1. People will not spam the system and will only try to request relevant backlinks

  2. Your link exchange pattern doesn’t look like A -> B & B->A & is way less likely to be flagged by Google

I have 2 questions for you guys:

  1. According to my interpretation of the link scheme guidelines of Google, this should be OK but what are your thoughts?

  2. Do you have feedback or are there any flaws I didn’t think of? If this existed would you be interested in using it?

Thanks for your input!

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