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As marketers, we all know the importance of creating marketing personas before launching a social media plan. Just like any other marketing effort, we never want to create content without conducting proper research and developing a strategy. 

Typically you begin with defining your brands ‘buyer personas’ to determine the type of content you should be producing and on what channels you should use to promote that content. Who is your ideal customer? What content would provide value to them? Where can you reach them? These seem like simple questions, but in order to get the truth, you will need to do some research and take a walk around in the shoes of your personas. 

This is a subject we know all marketers come across at one point or another – so, of course, we held an #SMTLive Twitter chat to get the SMT community talking and sharing strategies around creating personas to optimize their social media strategies. SMT Influencer and CEO of Kayak Online Marketing, Randy Milanovic, joined us as co-host to share his expertise and help lead the conversation around this topic. 

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Here is a brief recap of our last Twitter chat on building social media brand personas:

1. Why is it important to have brand personas? Why is it important for your social strategy?

In the words of Randy Milanovic, “knowing your audience helps you select, share, and craft posts that will resonate with them.” Again, it’s all about knowing who your audience is and, even more specificity, who your target audience is. This is the stepping stool to creating effective content that will resonate with your audience and establishing a social media voice to help you meet your goals.


Without setting some parameters, you’ll most likely waist a whole lot of time an energy trying to speak to people who just don’t care about your product/service. So do your research and create personas so you don’t waste company time and money swinging in the dark.

2. What are the steps to building personas? What type of preliminary research do you need to do to create your persona?

This is the hardest part, but the research is critical. Who is your target audience? What’s their name, demographics, job? Where do they live? What do they do day to day? Where do they spend most of there time?


For those already established brands, this research will be much easier for you. You can use your own audience demographics to pinpoint who is already engaging with you and compare that to your target persona. If these two don’t match, you either need to rethink your target personas or it may be time to change up your content strategy.

3. Once you define your persona’s name/age/interests/etc, what questions should you ask yourself to dive into their psyche?

What motivates your persona? What makes them smile? What makes them cry? What are their fears? What’re are their goals? The list is endless but try and answer as many as you can to better understand who they are.


4. How can defining these thought processes of your brand persona help you with your social media strategy?

It’s pretty simple; a well-constructed persona will help guide you in creating your social media voice and help you produce useful content for your audience. 


If a company were to create a persona targeting you, what would they name that persona? (a question just for fun)

Once again, huge thanks to everyone who participated in this chat! This was a productive and fun chat. It was great to see some new faces, as well as the usuals.

Our next chat will be on Social Media Marketing Trends: Planning for 2018 ‘. Hope to see you there.

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