CabinetM CEO says companies do not have a handle on their marketing technology stacks

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In 2014, after watching a number of companies with access to great technology still struggle to align their martech stacks with their their business objectives, Anita Brearton and her business partner, Sheryl Schultz, founded the marketing technology management platform, CabinetM.

“We had this huge explosion of new technology in the market landscape, and people started buying technology willy-nilly without any strategy behind it,” says Brearton, “Before you knew it, organizations had tons of technology that they were trying to get their arms around. That was the genesis of CabinetM.”

Brearton says her company has spent the last three years building a platform focused on helping organizations manage the technology they have and determine the technology they need. In doing so, CabinetM now has a database of more than 70,000 martech products.

As companies construct their marketing technology infrastructure on CabinetM, annotating their stacks with information about how they are using the different marketing technology, all of that data is being collected — what products are being used, and in what combinations.

As the moderator for the “Insights from Inside the Marketing Stacks of Red Wing Shoe Co., iCrossing and Entuity” panel at the MarTech Conference in Boston this October, Brearton says she will be able to share high-level insights derived from the CabinetM database. From there, she plans to take the conversation to a more granular level with panelists from a large e-commerce company, an agency and a global operation.

“I think these three panelists will have terrific insight from very different perspectives,” says Brearton. Today, the CEO shares what she has learned during the last three years helping companies build and manage martech stacks that effectively align with their business objectives.

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