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Now small business owners can tweak a virtual agent’s voice and choose what it says to customers who call. Cloud based CallJoy recently announced a CallJoy phone agent update that promises more scalability and automation to make these upgrades possible.

Small Business Trends contacted Bob Summers, CallJoy’s general manager, to learn more.

“CallJoy is an easy-to-use, affordable phone agent,” he writes. “It is designed to help small businesses save time and improve customer service by automating the phone answering process.”

CallJoy Phone Agent Update Offers Enhanced Automation

This latest version boasts customizable AI features enhancing automation for answering calls. There are several advantages to the new features for SMBs that include:

An agent that can answer customers’ questions intelligently. With the new updates, a client can ask if outdoor seating is available. CallJoy can answer by offering a text message to set up a reservation.

Saves Small Business Owners from Answering the Same Questions

“It saves business owners from answering the same questions over the phone multiple times a day,” Summers says. “Common requests like “where are you located?” “do you allow dogs?” “do you take American Express?” “what time do you open” etc. can all now be automated.”

It’s another example of how AI is actually helping SMBs by freeing management up to tend to their bottom lines. CallJoy also does its part to free employees up for more important tasks.

Businesses start off by customizing the process. Summers explains.

“Owners or managers of local small businesses can easily enter a set of expected questions or phrases. They can define what action the agent will take when those phrases are used. The more information a small business owner gives to the agent, the smarter and more responsive CallJoy becomes.”

Business can also input a timeframe for answering calls. CallJoy can answer calls immediately or after a number of rings. You can also program it to only pick up after hours.

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The update allows it to automatically record and transcribe messages. It also provides insights that can help SMB’s with training and other business decisions.

The product can route calls to multiple phone numbers and specific lines. Using analytics on the data it provides can be important for small businesses.

“CallJoy also gives small business owners visibility into the phone calls they receive,” Summers says. He adds it can tell them when they get the most calls, who calls them most often, and what topics customers call about.

The company plans on moving forward.

“We’ll continue to build more automation and intelligence into our platform.  We’ll continue to use small business owner’s feedback as our source of inspiration and innovation.”

Visit the company’s website to learn more and try CallJoy for free.


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