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Lego Here are the notes from the Chris Brogan Media broadcast for 09/05/17. (You can watch this on my Facebook account).

This live video was all shot using Ecamm Live (client), the best way to do Facebook Live for Mac.

Please note that all links may be affiliate links. If someone is a client, I’ll call that out specifically.

Stories Shared

Are we finally getting Star Trek tricorders? This new health scanning device is a start.

Central banks in Brazil are testing out Blockchain as a settlement system. If you’re not yet studying up on this, I think now’s the time.

Hit the bricks! Lego is laying off 8% of its employees to get a little more digital.

What help do we need? According to Google, how to tie a tie is a big one.

I’ve been doing this for YEARS. Change one word and get more done.

Congrats to Peggy Whitson for setting a ton of records in space!

3D printers can do more than make iPhone cases and fidget spinners. They’re changing the medical game in the Gaza strip.

You know me and Cosplay. These folks make an insane League of Legends video.

AR is getting closer to mainstream when you see beer labels using it. Gimmick? Yes. But sign of things to come? Yes.

The irony of this story is that I am in bed laughing at your chair.

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