Check out ominous posters for upcoming film ‘The Divine Fury’ starring Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, & Ahn Sung Gi


Upcoming thriller/action film ‘The Divine Fury‘ starring Park Seo Joon, Woo Do Hwan, and Ahn Sung Gi has released a set of ominous posters ahead of its premiere in July. 

‘The Divine Fury’ revolves around a boxing champion Yong Hoo (Park Seo Joon) and a spiritual priest Father Ahn (Ahn Sung Gi), who team up to fight an evil spirit terrorizing the human world. Woo Do Hwan plays the role of the antagonist Bishop Ji Shin, a dark bishop who spreads evil to others. 

Full of mystery, action, and fearsome thrills, ‘The Divine Fury’ premieres in Korea this July 31. Are you anticipating ‘The Divine Fury’?


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