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Chris Brogan 47 Years Old I’m 47 today. The number is strange. It feels super old on the one hand and it still feels “before” on the other. I still feel like a kid. Not my energy. But in my ability to act like a grown-up. Or lack therein. I do NOT feel like I have it all under control.

Chris Brogan at 47

My day yesterday was such a mix, but they all are. I edited a video to give people ideas on how to launch things. (I spend a lot of every day trying to be helpful in some way.) I went grocery shopping for my kids (who I have on the weekends). I played a typing game with my son. I had long talks with my daughter. And I played a few video games on my XBOX. I wrote a few things for work and I connected with a few people for work. And I got blood drawn at the hospital for my doctor, who wasted the last blood I gave him(true story). Oh, and I explored a new social network where I’m one of the early adopters.

How do I rate myself at 47? I’m behind. My business didn’t do amazing last year. I need to sell this place. I need to sell my car. I need to get some health stuff in better order. And I got fat again. That’s where I am at 47.

But to the plus: I have a loving and amazing fiance who is very supportive and challenges me to be better. I have two great kids who I love immensely, and a third-to-be through eventual marriage and I love her, too. I have two amazing parents that I talk with every day and who are still on their own adventures. I work with two swell guys. And almost as important as all this, I talk with amazing people each and every day.

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Also to the plus: I’m smarter. I’m better at lots of things. I’m still exploring and pushing boundaries. I never see my failures as weakness but as learning. I’m kind and keep my heart wide open. And I’m still in the game in every area where I need to do better. I haven’t given up on anything important.

This is My Year

I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is a rebirth year. It’s a big one. And I’m glad. I’m ready. And I’m working.

I’m a lot like the New England spirit. We thrive in bad weather, failing sports teams (that eventually win), and a hard work ethic that often ignores market realities. I love the woods and the ocean and the old mill towns all around me. I love the rude people (well, I don’t, but I guess they’re part of the landscape) and the skeletons of fallen empires all around me, telling me “We’ll pull you down, too!” but only so that I can fight back against that entropy.

And more than anything, I love myself. By that, I mean that I am my ally. I’m on my side. I support my intent to make everything a lot better than it is. And I believe in me.

Pretty good for 47. Only 53 years to go to hit 100! Almost halfway.

But 100% here already. And in love with you.

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